Who are we?

Melissa Vroon and Voula Martin, two moms and best friends since high school, we launched Family Fun Calgary in 2008. Frustrated with continually missing out on the best family events, we saw a need for a website where parents could find out about the upcoming family friendly events and activities in Calgary, then set out to fill that need.

Armed with an International Relations degree from the University of Calgary, Melissa traveled the globe studying, working and volunteering in over 40 countries. After seeing what the world had to offer, Melissa and her husband decided to settle in her hometown which they consider one of the best cities in the world to live.

A University of Calgary Political Science graduate, Voula moved to Calgary at age five. Since leaving the corporate world behind to stay home with her two children, she has rediscovered a love of writing and takes great pleasure in writing for the website, blogging and listening to her children laugh.

Melissa is mommy to Evan and Anya and Voula is mommy to Helen and Billy. And we know what it is like to try to find something fun to do with them.

We both  love being “tourists” in our city, taking the kids to places we enjoyed as children and sharing our experiences with other busy parents!

When you’re new to parenting or new to the city, you don’t know what activities are out there or even where to look for them. That’s why we came up with this site – We are out there with you, taking our kids to the parks, festivals, museums, recreation centers and other attractions.

But we also wanted to take it one step further and make it more personal than any other site you may find. That is why we blog!

Through our blog, we will share some of our experiences, so that places you’ve never been might be more real. And since blogs evolve, you’ll notice that while we write about activities and events we have been to, often we will just share a bit of our lives and how we cope with the inanities of raising children.

We have a great Facebook and Twitter following which you can join by clicking the pretty circles at the top of the page.  You can also follow our personal Tweets on Twitter:  Melissa is @MelissaVroon and Voula is @VoulaMartin

We also offer a free monthly newsletter to anyone who wishes to subscribe. Some of the features in our newsletters include recipes, cute kid of the month pictures, lifestyle and parenting articles and funny stories that readers share. *We will never share your email with anyone and use it only to send you the newsletter.

Although we do our best to ensure the information provided on this site is up to date and accurate, we rely on tips from family, friends and readers, other websites and newspapers for the information we post. If you see something that you think should be on this site, email us! If you find an error, email us!  We will do what we can to accommodate requests, and immediately remedy errors.

We hope you enjoy this site, find it useful and visit often. And we would love to hear from you! If you have any comments, critiques, content information, stories to share or general suggestions, click on the Contact Us link and send us a message. We value your opinions and do our best to respond to them, either with a personal message, or by using your suggestions to improve the quality of this website.