AIR MILES Cash Rewards: How to get Instant Savings at the Pump

AIR MILES Cash Rewards

I can’t go a day without hearing someone moan and gripe about the price of gas. Well, maybe most of the time it’s just me complaining but if you own a vehicle I know you have done it too!

However this morning when I bought gas, there was no complaining! Why? Because I used my AIR MILES Rewards card. Yup, that same little blue or gold card we hand over whenever we buy groceries at Safeway, or treat the family to dinner at Boston Pizza, paid for my tank of gas at Shell.

AIR MILES launched their Cash Rewards program early this year. Up until now we’ve all been accumulating Dream Rewards that we could redeem for things like movie tickets, gift certificates and of course, travel.

But now you can now choose to use those same AIR MILES like cash! Or more accurately use your collector card like a debit card. You simply have to login to your AIR MILES account, and select that you would like to earn Cash Rewards when you earn your AIR MILES. While you can’t shift the points back and forth, you can alter how you would like to collect and you can also change it at any time. You don’t even have to pick one or the other, you can select a percentage of AIR MILES to be deposited into your Cash Rewards account and the balance to be deposited into your Dream Rewards account.

Once you have a minimum balance of 95 AIR MILES in your Cash Rewards account, you can use your card at participating locations and spend $10.00 towards your purchase (95 points = $10.00 cash). You can redeem in $10 increments to a maximum of $200 per day, including taxes.

After I fuelled up, I went inside and handed over my AIR MILES card over to pay for the gas. My receipt showed how many Cash Reward points I redeemed, their cash value, how many points are left in my Cash Balance and how many points are in my Dream Balance.

As I got into my truck after paying for my gas with my AIR MILES card my phone binged with a message from AIR MILES confirming my transaction. It’s pretty darn slick.

I still love my travel points; my husband and I went to France for two weeks courtesy of our AIR MILES points. But getting a break on the price of fuel every once in awhile is awfully nice too! With the Cash Rewards program, I can do both!

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