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Any chocoholic knows that when you have a hankering for an amazing piece of chocolate, finding a specialty chocolate shop can be urgent business. Choco-locate is a handy new app that helps you find the best and closest chocolate shops in various cities in Canada, the U.S., and around the world!

While the thrill of being able to find top chocolatiers in Paris or New York is certainly intriguing, one thing that makes Choco-locate especially useful is its ability to help you discover delicious chocolate shops in your hometown. The holidays are a great time to explore the city’s sweetest spots, either to pick up gifts, items for you own Christmas party, or a little pick-me-up after a long day running holiday errands. Over the years Calgary has become a foodie haven of sorts, and we’ve got plenty of artisanal, organic, and luxury chocolate options to keep discerning chocolate-lovers happy.

Top Picks in Calgary


Address: 1417 – 11th Street SW, Calgary AB
Phone: 403-370-4592

Epiphanie Chocolates

Epiphanie is a top-rated gourmet chocolate shop, specializing in high-end chocolate made with natural ingredients. The store was founded by Debra Fleck, who has had a lifelong passion for chocolate. In their flagship store you will find a wide selection of molded chocolates, truffles, and other specialty treats including double smoked bacon chocolates, ice wine chocolates, and others all beautifully crafted and decorated. Epiphanie chcolates are also available at FARM and the Calgary Farmers Market.


Address: 105 – 8th Avenue SW, Calgary AB
Phone: 403-457-4210

Coppeneur Chocolates
The team at Coppeneur pride themselves in transforming raw ingredients into delicious cocoa creations. This unique shop offers a selection of single origin bars, which highlight the taste and nuances of high-quality cocoa beans. The shop also offers a wide variety of truffles and pralines, two-flavour “Cuvee Bars,” hot chocolate, and specialty chocolate bars filled with exotic ingredients like saffron, orange and whiskey, or ginger and lemongrass.

Top Picks in Canada

Of course, part of the fun of traveling throughout Canada is finding unique shops in the cities you visit. Whether you’re going to visit relatives over the holidays or just happen to be in other Canadian cities for business or pleasure, here’s a list of Choco-locate’s top rated shops in other major Canadian cities:


Gem Chocolates:


Chocolate by Wickerhead:


Chocolats Privilège:
Les Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois:

Choco-locate and World Vision

Choco-Locate With Girls

This holiday season, Choco-locate is teaming up with World Vision Canada for a worthy charitable drive. For every person who downloads the free Choco-locate app on their iPad or iPhone or uploads the mobile website on their smart phones, we will donate one free-trade chocolate bar to sweeten a basket that will be auctioned off on December 20th. The proceeds will go to a World Vision Canada fund that supports program to end child labour.

Chocolate is the most popular candy in the world. Every year, seven billion dollars are spent on chocolate and an additional 20 billion on chocolate products. It’s one of our great indulgences, and as it turns out, might just be the single healthiest food on the planet. But there is a dark side to chocolate; one that is not that well known- each year, thousands of children risk their lives working on cocoa plantations in Africa.

This does not mean we have to give up our favourite treat because a number of chocolatiers in Canada and the US and around the world are working to change this.

Choco-locate is the bridge between these conscientious chocolatiers and the consumer who wishes to gain control and make ethical choices.

More about Choco-locate

Choc-locate is a specialized app that helps chocolate lovers source fabulous fair trade shops across Canada. Discover more local shops in your city by downloading the free Choco-locate app.

Our friends are also talking about Everything Chocolate! Calgary foodie Julie goes right to the source and gets the inside scoop about chocolate in Calgary. She is also sharing her sweet Chocolate Shooters recipe on her blog Dinner with Julie. The gals at EverythingMom get technical and share pointers about how to navigate the best features on the Choco-locate app including how to find the best chocolate products, events and sales.

The Goods

Choco-locate Website:
Choco-locate iTunes App:
Dinner with Julie and Choco-locate:
EverythingMom and Choco-locate:

Sponsored by Choco-locate.

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