Fun-Filled Family Football with the Calgary Stampeders

Have you ever thought about taking your family to see a Calgary Stampeders game? And then, like me, have you wondered how much that might cost or even are the kids old enough to pull it off or will they enjoy it? The Stampeders have made it much easier to see a game, by offering tickets in the Scotiabank Family Fun Zone at 2-for-1, (Admits 1 Adult and 1 Youth under age 17) both as a Seasons Pass or a single game ticket. Heading out to a Stampeders game is an affordable option for a family (the same price as tickets to a 3D-movie) to enjoy a beautiful day outside, while showing some love to your Calgary home team.

Watching the Calgary Stampeders

On Saturday night, we got our ‘Game Faces On’ and went to watch our first game as a family. The evening shared a spectacular blue sky with 30,000 or so fellow Calgarians and the red and black shirted audience got their cheer on. We ate some hot dogs, yelled really loud (no reason for the kids to be quiet around here!) and stayed up way past our bedtimes!

So how did we fare at this family outing? Great! But here are some things to consider:

Age of your children: As the game started at 7 pm, my 4 year old experienced the most difficulty after half-time; however, I’d attribute his behavior to staying up too late. Most (but not all) kids would do better at an afternoon or an early evening game (Watch for Kids Day coming up Saturday, August 18th at 5pm!). My 6 year old did slightly better, but even she had her moments.

Access to Seating & Infamous Calgary Weather: The Scotiabank Family Fun Zone is one of the last tiers up. Don’t worry so much about whether you’ll be able to see (all seats are fair viewing), but keep in mind that getting a stroller to the seating area could be an issue. While we enjoyed a beautiful, warm evening this may not always be the case. Be sure to bring a sweater, jacket or a blanket to keep warm as you will be on the shady side of the stadium.

Calgary Stampeders game

When To Arrive: I know life gets in the way and being late happens, but for this event I’d advise arriving early. The gates open 1 hour prior to game time and the crowds are not at their craziest. Watch some pre-game warm ups, go pee before the game starts and let your child have fun climbing the bleachers before the seats are filled with people.

Snacks, Drinks & Food: Be prepared to buy snacks, drinks and food once you arrive (another reason to get there early) as outside food/drinks are not allowed in the stadium unless they are for an infant.

Things to Do: Join the ‘KIDS CLUB‘! For $25, your child will receive a Stampeders starter kit in a neat little back pack that includes: a t-shirt, autograph pen, ‘Game Face’ stickers, a voucher good for $20 at New York Fries and discounts on more Stampeders gear. As well, check into the ‘KIDS CLUB’ tent prior to the beginning of each game for more special surprises!

What to Watch for: The Stampeders Touchdown Horse! We were lucky enough to meet the horse up close prior to the game. My kids were very excited to see the horse run its lap at touchdown time, but unfortunately, the BC Lions conspired to make this a rare occurrence at this game. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than we did!

Calgary Stampeders Touchdown Horse

What I’d do next time? They say hindsight is 20/20 and I never even thought of this until I was in the stadium. Noise-makers? Binoculars? Of course! These are two very easy crafts that could be made at home prior to the game. Look up fun ideas on the internet to create easy noise-makers using dried beans, rice, or jingle bells. To make your own binoculars, all you need is two toilet paper rolls glued together with an added string to go around your child’s neck. Decorate it up for added fan-tasticness!

So if you’re looking for something new to try, or you’re an avid fan who has not taken their young children to a game yet, check out a Calgary Stampeders football game.

Get Your Game Face On, We Dare You!

Gameface at Calgary Stampeders

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