RBC Learning Money With Leo: An iPad App for Kids

Want cash-smart kids? RBC Royal Bank has an app for that. Learning Money with Leo is a free iPad app designed to help teach your children about money using fun and interactive games.


My six year old son loves the Learning Money with Leo app. At first glance I liked the app because it had several games with extra features including a read-along story and colouring book. I was fairly confident Evan would play with it once or twice and then move on to the latest and greatest app he could find.  I was certain, like many other educational apps, it would be up to me to encourage him to play with it.

However, over the past few weeks every time he plays with the iPad he chooses to play Learning Money with Leo. Over and over again. I even had to break up a fight because Evan was panicking that his little sister was using his account to play (you can create up to 4 individual user accounts). I must confess, I initially did not get the appeal of the app and why he loves it soooo much. The games seemed fun enough but why was he ALWAYS playing it?

I had to sit down with him and find out the source of his obsession while playing this seemingly innocuous yet addicting app.

There it was…A virtual sticker book. Each game has a time limit of two minutes. If you are able to complete the tasks within two minutes you win a point. The more games you play and win, the more points you accumulate. You can redeem those points to “buy” virtual stickers to paste in a virtual sticker book. Evan was busy racking up his points, buying stickers and terrified his sister might log into his account and spend his hard earned points on stickers he did not choose.




Trying to explain to children how money works does not always make sense to them. My son can burn through his birthday money within 24 hours like he’s on a Vegas bender. When it runs out he tells me to just push the numbers at the bank machine to get more.

Until he started playing with Learning Money with Leo he did not quite grasp the relationship between mom and dad working to have money put into the bank. He is now beginning to understand the relationship between work and money after appreciating the value of his hard earned precious points. It’s a sophisticated concept my six year old is starting to understand. And my two year old? She likes to colour the snowman and knows that coins are used to unlock doors in our house. She’s a work in progress.

For more information about Learning Money with Leo and to download this free app visit the RBC Royal Bank website.

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To celebrate the excitement about their awesome new app, the Royal Bank is giving one of our lucky readers an RBC VISA gift card valued at $50.00. Enter to win below and we’ll contact the winner on April 20th, 2012. There are other contests like this one floating around the blogosphere. Feel free to enter as many as you can find but please note you will only be allowed to win once.

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