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// This business has now closed, as of June 2, 2015.//

Plunked in the middle of winter, on a quiet day in March, I sat wondering “what can we do today?” Despite the great weather we’ve been having and the additional opportunities that come along with it, I was still feeling a little, well, stir crazy.

That’s when it hit me! I knew what we should do. We should try Stir Crazy – the indoor play place in Sunridge. I kept hearing about it, it was a place we’d never been before and it was something different, so off we went. Me, my 4-1/2 year old and 16-month old. And I am so happy we did.


Lightening McQueen… the boys in the Cars ride

As soon as we got there, I knew we made the right decision. The facility was bright and spacious and very clean. The 50’s-inspired diner theme was fantastic, from the individual party rooms to the authentic tables and benches to the poodle-skirt girl greeting us when we arrived. It was charming and fun!

My older son Ben has no problem approaching people and making friends, so within 5-minutes, he was off with his new buddy Carson and the two of them raced around from the bouncy castles to the indoor play structure to the room specially designed for their age. In the meantime, Sam and I hit the toddler area where he finally master climbing all the stairs and heading down the slide – alone! A first in his world.


We moved along quickly to the main play structure and I was thrilled to discover than not only could Sam climb those too but I didn’t have to slouch and scoot my way up. I was able to fully stand and get around the equipment with relative ease. (blogger’s note: I was thrilled by this because I’ve been on some play structures that require a contortionist’s body to maneuver through some areas!)

They also had a few video games and kid’s rides, that naturally as soon as they’re spotted, are followed by a chorus of “Mom! Do you have any money?” I don’t normally oblige but this time I did and they rode a couple rides, much to the Sam’s delight.

Overall, I thought Stir Crazy was a fantastic facility. Because we got there early (around 10:00), the place was relatively quiet, although more people were arriving as the time ticked on. From a kid’s perspective, it was fun and entertaining and there was never a shortage of things to do. From a Mom’s viewpoint, I loved the cleanliness and the openness of the facility. And of course, the motivation behind such an outing; wear out the kids. I am happy to report Sam’s afternoon nap was 3-hours long. Success!

stir crazy_overview

A great place to spend a couple hours

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