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We’re caught in that in-between season now: the fun parts of fall are behind us, the world is turning cold and grey, and Christmas isn’t here yet. (Unless you visit the retail world, of course!) But don’t hibernate yet! If the kids are getting restless and you need a little fun in your day, plan a visit to TELUS Spark this fall, and you can even squeeze a little learning in, without anyone suspecting!

TELUS Spark (Family Fun Calgary)

TELUS Spark, one of Calgary’s best places for STEAM learning, says they’re a place for the curious, and with over 200 unique experiences, you’ll probably agree. Whether you’re a young family, looking for a place your little ones can explore or you have tweens and teens who are building, creating, and developing who they are, TELUS Spark has a place for you. Families can play, learn, and create together. There are even adult-only nights and programs! Make sure to plan your visit with the interactive calendar, and get the most out of your day.

Sparking curiosity and a sense of excitement, the exhibits and events at TELUS Spark can expand your understanding of the world and the wonders it holds. With six distinct areas, live science demonstrations, and the Dome Theatre, it’s just a fun place to spend the day! Plus, with the exception of the Dome Theatre, everything is included with your daily admission!

Being Human offers a first-hand peek into the world that is most central to our existence. There are many things central to the human experience that we can share, but each of us is unique and responds to things in different ways. Would you lie on a bed of nails? Or drink from a toilet? It’s the ultimate Sip of Conflict! Find out what your heartbeat sounds like on a drum, or how much water is inside you. Explore your body and who you are!

Discover the world around you with the Earth and Sky exhibit. From the earth under our feet to the outer stars, experience the forces of nature that shape our world and influence our days. Here you can sculpt your own landscape and watch erosion as it happens, make a thunderstorm, or create constellations.

From our bodies to the earth, Energy and Innovation explores how we interact with and harness power. Design a wind turbine and dance to create power. See the connections between the many forms of energy and how it impacts every day of our lives. Discover how energy is made, problem solve, and decide how our energy systems will continue to evolve and develop.

Learn by doing at the Open Studio. Using music, film, style, art, and technology, create new things and explore new ways of thinking. Build, combine, or deconstruct at the Studio, using basic materials in ways you may never have considered. Now is the chance to take something apart. Or, build a fantastic creation using only toothpicks and a glue gun! Using imagination and thinking “outside the box” can lead to the greatest achievements.

Even the littlest ones need a place to explore and create, and the Creative Kids Museum offers big adventures for little explorers. Designed for children under age 9, this is the space for hands-on, sensory-rich activities and discoveries. From climbing to theatre, your kids can enhance their learning in any way that appeals to them. The water table alone will attract them for ages! There’s even a toddler and baby area, and a quiet reading zone. Plus, the Creative Kids Museum gallery opens at 9 am on Mondays through Saturdays, creating a space for the early risers. The rest of TELUS Spark will open at 10 am, as usual.

Learn by doing at TELUS Spark, and attend the Live Science Demonstrations and the Atrium Shows to experience even more science and see how things work. Whether it’s about sound, light, water, or fire, the live demonstrations are a wonderful way to engage with science and start asking questions.

Need to sit down? Visit the Dome Theatre and enjoy live planetarium shows and movies. Shows are 20 or 40 minutes in length, change on a regular basis and can take you from every corner of the world to the far reaches of outer space. Immerse yourself in a new adventure.

So, what will you explore today? TELUS Spark has something for everyone in your family this fall. While you’re looking for a way to pass the day, you and your kids can spark imagination, trigger curiosity, and explore the world. Not bad for a day out.

TELUS Spark:

Address: 220 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-817-6800
Website: www.sparkscience.ca

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