Wheelster Hoverboard: An Awesome Gift for Your Active Kid {Giveaway!}

Wheelster Hoverboard

Wheelster Classic Hoverboard in Red Fire

If you know my kids you are officially swore to secrecy: they are getting one of the AWESOME Wheelster Classic Hoverboards for Christmas! Actually my husband is lobbying pretty hard that he should be the recipient of the Hoverboard. He keeps yapping about how hoverboards were promised to our middle-aged generation by the Back to the Future movie and therefore he really should be the one to get the fun new toy. Competition over the hoverboard is understand when it is so much fun to ride!

And how exactly do I know the Wheelster Classic Hoverboard is fun? Oh, maybe because I gave it a go in my living room. Ha! I wanted to test out the fun new toy before the kids abscond with it (ahem, I mean we gift it to them on Christmas morning). Now I must admit I was VERY glad I didn’t have any witnesses to my first attempt at the hoverboard; it wasn’t pretty. Core muscles – those suckers are helpful when standing on a wheeled-contraption. Considering I suck at skateboards I’m not entirely sure why I thought I would be a master hoverboard-er (is that even a word?). But after my dog & cat stopped trying to check out the hoverboard (they were an unexpected and added complication) I did get a hang of it. Let’s just be honest, the hoverboard is C-O-O-L! So cool that any momentary frustration over learning how to remain upright is quickly overcome by the desire to just ride the thing.Wheelster HoverboardsHere’s the low-down on the Wheelster Hoverboard:

  • there are a number of models to pick from: classic hoverboard 6.5″, hoverboard 8″, hoverboard 10″, hovercart, hummerboards, and an electric drift trike
  • there is both a minimum (50lbs) and maximum (220lbs) weight restriction
  • while the hoverboard is water-resistant it is not water-proof. There are electronics in the ride so it is best to avoid the puddles!
  • the certified battery reaches full charge in less than two hours. The onboard battery level indicator keeps you informed of your current charge
  • 6-month warranty on your Wheelster purchase and a money-back guarantee
  • you can get express shipping in Canada so you don’t have to worry about your gift arriving in time for Christmas
  • Wheelster prides themselves on their customer service and encourages anyone with a question or concern to contact their customer service department

If you want to learn a little more about the Wheelster company (which was started by 2 good friends) check out their YouTube video:

Wheelster Inc:

Phone: 1-855-WHEEL5TER
Email: info@wheelster.com

Enter to Win!

One lucky Family Fun Vancouver reader is going to get their very own Wheelster Classic Hoverboard! Use the widget below to enter the contest. Don’t forget multiple entries are not only allowed they are encouraged.
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