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Beyond the Museum Drumheller Featured Image
Beyond the Museum: A Drumheller Weekend Getaway

Here’s a random question for you: which Albertan urban centre is comparable to Las Vegas, in the eyes of a five year old? If you guessed Drumheller, please come and collect your prize. Wait, no one guessed Drumheller? Really, no one? Well, I guess I’ll keep this Stegosaurus T-shirt to
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What are Canada’s Friendliest Cities and Towns in 2021?

What are Canada’s Friendliest Cities and Towns in 2021? Expedia is a digital travel giant that helps travellers all over the world easily plan and book travel. But Expedia also does research based on traveller reviews…and some of the results are interesting!  The Friendliest Cities List analysed traveller feedback
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Winter at the Georgetown Inn - Photo Courtesy Georgetown Inn
Small Hotels are Huge at Alberta’s Charming Inns

Hiking or snowshoeing through the forest. Making snowmen and snow angels. Roasting s’mores as you warm up by the fire and breathe in the crisp cool air. Relaxing by the fireside with a book, or soaking in a jetted tub. Playing board games. Unplugging from the distractions and stresses of
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Ready to shock, the Prince House at Heritage Park is lit - photo courtesy of Heritage Park
Seeing Things: Paranormal Investigators Scour Alberta for Ghosts

Believe it or not, most of the folks who go looking for proof of the supernatural are sceptics. Armed with the latest in high-tech devices, paranormal investigators travel far and wide to document or discount ghostly happenings. With or without sightings, the fun is in the hunt. Hype or Haunting?
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10 Quirky Facts about the Canadian Badlands

While many know that Alberta’s Canadian Badlands are famous for dinosaur fossils and other prehistoric artifacts, but there’s much more to this diverse and scenic region. From its impressive size to its broad range of attractions and destinations, it’s a perfect time to get to know the Canadian Badlands. Here
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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (Family Fun Canada)
Rivers, Rocks, and Rattlesnakes?! Why Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is a Natural Playground

Our Montana friends, just south of the border, call it Big Sky Country for a reason. In the summer, the land stretches quietly out in front of you, with gently swaying fields of grasses and brilliant blue sky as far as you can see. The day we drove to Writing-on-Stone
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Dinosaur Provincial Park - badlands. Photo Sue Mylde
A Budding Paleontologist’s Dream: Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

No dinosaur-loving family’s trip to Alberta would be complete without a visit to Alberta’s Badlands. If you are up for an exciting day at a museum to see dinosaur exhibits, visiting the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller is also a must. However, if your family is up for a
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Hoodoos: The Silent Giants of the Badlands

In a great big world that seems to move faster every day, a trip to Alberta’s southern Badlands is the perfect vacation to discover a little something about yourself. It’s not just the massive and famous Royal Tyrell Museum where you can get up close and personal with the creatures
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So the Trump Victory Means You’ll Take Your Vacation in Canada? We Got You Covered!
So the Trump Victory Means You’ll Take Your Vacation in Canada? We Got You Covered!

If the results of the recent US election have you feeling a bit apprehensive about travelling south of the border, rest assured that you do not need to leave the peaceful, politically sedate confines of Canada to experience holiday bliss.

hunting for Canadian Fossils
Four Hotbeds of Canadian Fossils: They’ll make your Dino Lovers Roar!

“I think I found coprolite mom. That’s dinosaur poop, you know.” I did, in fact, know what coprolite was – but I had no idea my five-year-old was so informed on the topic. On one of the hottest days of the summer, our family of five had embarked on the
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