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Jen Mallia is an Edmonton writer who is passionate about travel, Netflix, and raising good humans (not always in that order!) She has written for numerous print and on-line publications, and is always on the lookout for the next great story--around the corner or across the globe! You can follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter: @jen_mallia


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Culture and Creepy-Crawlies in Victoria, BC

Posted on: November 2, 2018

From high culture to the things that give you the willies, Victoria is a great spot to do what you love. All too often, Victoria gets written off as the capital of “newly-weds, nearly-deads, and flower beds.” While no one denies it has those things in abundance, it does a
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Is a Grand County Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation Right for You?

Posted on: October 24, 2018

Saddle up and pack your bags for a vacation unlike any other at a Grand County Colorado dude ranch. But first, here are a few things you should ask yourself! “This horse is too SASSY!” I exclaim after urging my mount, Gunsmoke, to get back in line and follow the
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Escape From Real Life at the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge

Posted on: October 8, 2018

A visit to the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge might be the perfect escape from real life. Sitting in the dwindling sun, before the mosquito hordes hit full bore, my husband reaches across the bench for my hand. “Let’s move here.” Birds chirping in the trees, a pretty pond below the
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Rolling on the River! Riverside Park, Kamloops

Posted on: August 20, 2018

It’s a lively place, the beach at Riverside Park in Kamloops. In the cool water, kids wait for the wake of a passing boat to throw waves through the water, tweens shriek and flirt and splash, while grandparents sit dutifully in the shade, safe from the powerful sun. Feeling a
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H2Oh! Chicago: In, On, & By the Best Water Features in Chicago

Posted on: June 22, 2018

Want to take advantage of the water ways of the Windy City? Read on for our picks for family fun water features in Chicago that will have you saying H2Oh! Chicago! in no time. Riverwalk There was a time, not so long ago in Chicago’s history, that some buildings were
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When Someone You Love Loves Baseball: Spring Training in Phoenix

Posted on: May 25, 2018

When Someone You Love Loves Baseball: Spring Training in Phoenix Do you love to root, root, root for the home team? Do you live for peanuts and crackerjack? Are you continually requesting people take you out to the ball game? Or maybe it’s not you. Perhaps you married someone who
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Wide Open Comfort at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort

Posted on: May 2, 2018

We didn’t mean to get trapped in the bathroom, on display to our two little boys. Two pairs of enormous brown eyes peer at my husband and I. Seated dolefully on our bed my two sons stare through the in-room picture window at their parents, accidentally locked in the opulent
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Loving the Tourist Life in Puerto Vallarta

Posted on: February 12, 2018

The vibe aboard Flight 2204 from Edmonton to Puerto Vallarta can best be described as “school bus en route to the year-end field trip.” The passengers are looking forward to warm weather and beach time and a vacation in a place that is different enough to be an escape from
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Padding the Paddington Path in Peru

Posted on: February 8, 2018

Would you like to follow Paddington in Peru? “A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency.” With the recent release of a second Paddington movie, the brave little bear from deepest darkest Peru is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. We can’t think of
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Visiting Malta: 10 Things You Need to Know!

Posted on: February 5, 2018

Maybe you first started thinking about visiting Malta when the tiny Mediterranean country made a cameo appearance on The Crown, or from the Buzzfeed slideshow that went viral (NSFW language warning!) Maybe your grandpa sailed past or flew over it during World War II. Maybe, like me, you married into
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