The Alberta Baby Bundle From ATB Financial Will Save Your Family Money As You Save for Your Child’s Education!

The Alberta Baby Bundle from ATB Financial (Family Fun Calgary)

Raising a child is a joy – and a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility is teaching smart spending and saving habits and putting money away for your child’s future education. An RESP is a great way to save for that education and ATB Financial wants to make starting one as easy and affordable as possible.

RESP stands for Registered Education Savings Plan. It’s basically a savings plan that makes it easier to save money for a child’s future education. Any money you deposit into an RESP grows tax free until it’s withdrawn. When you invest in an RESP for your child, that RESP may be eligible for education savings grants, meaning the government will add valuable funds for your child!

What is the Alberta Baby Bundle?

The Alberta Baby Bundle is a great email resource for new (and sort-of-new) Alberta parents. If you’re expecting or have a young child, sign up for the Alberta Baby Bundle at and get instant access to discounts, freebies and a $150 RESP booster from ATB Financial (when you create an ATB RESP for a child under 2 years old). Because of additional government savings grants, that free $150 is more like $180! You’ll also receive new savings in your email every 4-6 weeks and helpful tips on budgeting, saving and smart spending from ATB and their partners. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The earlier you start saving for your child’s education costs, the better. Get started in your child’s first few years and they will thank you later in life, when they don’t have to struggle to pay for the education that they require to achieve their dreams and goals.

Keep Your Money Where Your Heart Is!

As an Alberta Baby Bundle subscriber, you can support Alberta businesses, even as you save money for your own family. Some of ATB’s current partners include Rocky Mountain Soap, Montana’s, AMA and

Wondering Where to Start?

To learn more about RESPs and how to get one started for your own child(ren), visit, call 1-888-282-3863 or stop by any ATB branch. Your child’s university years may seem far off right now, but kids grow up fast!

ATB Financial Alberta Baby Bundle Details:

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