The holiday season is here and kids are getting busy writing their letters to Santa and creating their Christmas wish lists. Parents are getting busy writing lists of to-dos and trying to squeeze errands and extra trips to the mall in between work and family life.

But who really wants to mask up and aimlessly wander the mall with hordes of other tense shoppers? It’s been another crazy year and we really just want to enjoy some special holiday moments, exchanging the stress for the wonder of the season. APEGA is here to help you get these presents wrapped up, figuratively and literally. Plus, keep reading to find out how to enter to win one of the gifts.

How do you find the “perfect” gift?

APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

You want one the kids will enjoy opening and one that will get used and add value to their lives, instead of languishing, dusty, on the floor of their closet. APEGA (The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) brings you a gift guide for kids from toddlers to teenagers that is filled with ideas for STEM toys. These items promote science, technology, engineering, and math and will give kids the freedom to explore and discover while having fun with new toys this Christmas morning.

STEM topics affect nearly every area of our lives and are found in many job fields. These foundational STEM skills will benefit every child and kids learn best when they are engaged. This Christmas, you can promote problem-solving, logic, and hands-on learning, all with a Christmas gift your child will love!

Leave the stress behind and just enjoy the magic.

Christmas shopping = done!

All listed prices are approximate and for guidelines only.

APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

This is a great age for buying gifts because the world is a wonderful place to discover. Everything is so exciting and it’s easy to catch their interest (at least for a while!). This is the perfect time to start investing in toys that help them explore the life around them.

APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Creative Suitcase $36.99

Kids will build logical and creative-thinking skills with this 400-piece construction set, complete with a battery-powered electric drill, plastic nuts and bolts, a screwdriver, a wrench, and much more—perfect for the budding engineer!



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)Build a Garden $32.99

Kids can build their own garden with different shapes and colours, including dark green bases, petals, stamens, pistils, and leaves.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Butterfly Gear Game $42.11

The Butterfly Gear Game will provide endless hours of fun and spark imagination as it teaches simple mechanics.




APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Rainbow Counting Bears $22.00

These educational toys teach fundamental concepts such as counting, sorting, and recognizing colours. Shallow cups make it easy for children to visualize as they practise these skills.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Primary Science: Leap & Launch Rocket $29.99

Young learners will enjoy countless adventures in space science while building gross motor skills as they send their first rocket soaring.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Jumbo Magnifier $7.99

Children can see the world up close and explore their surroundings in amazing detail with this brightly coloured, jumbo magnifying glass.APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Kids in this age range can really start identifying what they’re interested in and they are becoming so much more capable. It’s exciting to watch them develop new interests and build new skills! Give them a leg up with these great gift ideas.

APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Science Microscope and Activity Journal $49.99

From peacock feathers and goldfish scales to your own skin and cheek cells, get up close and personal with this two-in-one light and dissecting microscope.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Magic Hat $39.99

Enter the world of magic and sorcery! This kit features 35 magic tricks that can be learned in three steps—great for the budding magician.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

STEM Explorers: Magnet Movers $24.99

Young scientists will build critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills as they learn about polarity, the magnetism of common household objects, and more.




APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)Snap Circuits FM Radio $36.99

Make learning electronics easy and fun. All Snap Circuits parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease—no tools required!




APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Star Wars: The Force Coding Kit $39.99

Learn about loops, logic, variables, and more to create a Star Wars adventure with coding.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Table Top Robot $9.98

Assemble a smart robotic crab and watch it perform stunning acrobatics to avoid falling off the edge of any platform.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Dash Robot $169.90

Dash is a real robot that is responsive to its world. It comes with hundreds of exciting coding adventures and projects available in the Wonder and Blockly apps.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

My Robotic Pet: Tumbling Hedgehog $49.96

Build an adorable robotic pet hedgehog and watch it react to different sounds, bristle its quills, and more.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

As kids leave elementary school behind, they are developing and refining skills that will take them into high school and adulthood. Let them continue to play and explore. Soon, they may have interests and talents that outpace yours!

APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

HEXBUG Dragon $32.97

Watch as the HEXBUG Dragon slithers across any surface, breathes LED fires, and roars ferociously at all who dare to come close. Use the remote control to decide the dragon’s every move!



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Snap Circuits: Green Energy $119.99

Explore clean energy concepts such as electric cars, windmills, and hand-generated power while learning the basics of electronics and alternative energy.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Tobbie the Robot $49.99

Tobbie is no ordinary robot—travelling throughout the galaxy has taught Tobbie how to use his infrared sensor to detect and maneuver obstacles while exploring and surviving alone.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Light-Up Air Rockets $39.98

Send three LED-equipped air rockets flying towards the clouds with this easy-to-assemble launch base and detailed learning guide. Rockets soar more than 100 feet in the air!



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Music Circuit $14.99

This music circuit is a science experiment, a technology lesson, and an art project all in one!



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)


All-Natural Spa Soaps $32.95

The All-Natural Spa Soaps kit provides everything they need to create customized, spa-inspired soaps.



APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab $27.99

Unicorns, clouds, and rainbows—oh my! Make delicious, fun, and personalized gummy shapes in a spectrum of flavours and colours.




There’s a certain look on a child’s face when they are deeply engrossed in an activity. It’s a look of peaceful concentration, interest, and happiness, and as a parent, it’s a joy to observe. The hardest part is narrowing down what STEM toy is best suited to your child this year! But when you give the gift of exploration and discovery, everyone wins.

APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)

For even more ideas, go to While you’re there, enter to WIN one of the Gift Guide toys by finding Gus, the APEGA holiday dinosaur, and filling out the form for your chance to win. Contest is open until December 7, 2021. See all contest rules and conditions at

Look out, world, here comes the next generation!


APEGA STEM Gift Guide (Family Fun Calgary)