Do you have kids obsessed with bows, arrows and archery? Me too! My 11 year old son has been begging to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. In the meantime he crafted a weapon out of a plastic coat hanger, an oversized elastic band and a notched chopstick. Never one to be left behind, his 7 year old sister needed one too. Thankfully no one has lost an eye yet. So when Archery Games Calgary opened last week I knew this would be the perfect introduction to archery in a safe environment for my little Katniss and Robin Hood.

What exactly is Archery Games? It’s a bit of tag, dodgeball and archery rolled up into a competitive, high energy activity that is a hit with kids, including the grownup ones too.

Two teams of 4 – 10 players start on opposite sides of the arena and tag each other with arrows. If you get hit, you sit on the edge until games ends or you get tagged back in. There is plenty of time to try again, and lots of ways to mix things up with eight different game variations and movable obstacles.

Archery Games Calgary

Target practice. Hitting tennis balls is harder than it looks.

Haven’t shot a bow and arrow before? Or at least one not crafted from household junk? Before playing, everyone receives instructions on how to shoot and get some target practice before their game. No athletic ability or previous experience is needed! As well, each player is provided with safety equipment to use while at the facility.

Archery Games Calgary

The arrows have large foam tips

The arrows used at Archery Games Calgary are foam-tipped (they look like a giant marshmallow!) so even at close range the arrows are designed to have little impact on players. This creates an archery tag game experience that’s fun and safe for the whole family.

A session at Archery Games Calgary is 75 minutes in duration. This includes instruction time as well as gameplay. Up to 20 players can play in a game of archery tag. Players must be at least 10 years of age for play during regular hours, and pricing is $24.95 per person.

Archery Games Calgary

The play area is in a closed area so spectators can enjoy watching without worrying about a wayward arrow

Archery Games Calgary also has youth hours available on Saturdays and Sundays at both 10:00am and 11:00am. These two timeslots are reserved exclusively for archers aged 7 to 12 and the price of admission is discounted to $19.95 per person.

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