Ahhh, summer. Those long, hazy, lazy days are so much fun! This is when kids have lots of free time to spend outdoors, play with friends, and have new adventures. And after the year we’ve had – they deserve it! But moms and dads often don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find safe and fun places for them to spend part of their time. Happily, there are many great options for Calgary summer camps. You can see our massive Summer Camp Guide here, but if you’re looking specifically for CREATIVE ARTS summer camps, keep reading! Whether it’s art, dance, music, or performing, you’re sure to find just the right camp for your child.

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps

All of us have a spark of creativity inside and sometimes we just need to find the right environment to embrace and explore that creative side. Alberta University of the Arts has a variety of summer camps for kids and teens, led by professionals who have a passion for exploring creativity. With an open and supportive environment, kids and teens are free to try new activities, explore their own ideas, and learn amazing hands-on techniques.

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Calgary Young People's Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Calgary Young People’s Theatre Summer Camps

It’s time to add some positive drama with amazing summer camps from Calgary Young People’s Theatre! The curtain will rise on a summer of fun this year with camps that are perfect for kids and teens ages 4 – 18 who want to dive into drama, express themselves, and showcase their creativity. Professional theatre actors, directors, and playwrights will teach your kids how to act, improvise, create a play, and more, and help them have a fabulous time doing it!

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Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Family Fun Calgary)Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Summer Camps

Some kids can’t stop grooving, moving, and feeling the beat! As we’re all getting back to life, take that beautiful energy in your kids and channel it into dancing with summer camps from Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. With a variety of dance camps for kids from age 4 up to teenagers, they will spend a week being active, having fun, and developing their creativity!

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Green Fools Theatre Summer CampsGreen Fools Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

This summer, kids need time to laugh and time to play. Maybe it’s time for them to meet new people and try new things. It sounds like it’s the perfect time for kids to run away and join the circus! Green Fools Theatre is offering a series of circus camps this summer for aspiring performers, acrobats, and stunt artists. Camps include circus skills from basic juggling and balancing to tightwire and aerial skills. (There’s even a camp conducted partly in French, too!)

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H/W School of Ballet Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)H/W School of Ballet Summer Camp Programs

Do you have a child or teenager who is hoping to continue their dance training this summer? The H/W School of Ballet has summer camp programs and will be offering junior and senior summer schools this August. Introduce your little dancer to their first plié or help older kids and teens become even more accomplished dancers; the combination of artistry and athleticism will fill your young dancer’s soul.

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Leighton Art Centre Summer Camp (Family Fun Calgary)Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps

Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps offer a hands-on connection to art, nature, and Alberta’s heritage during July and August 2022. Each week campers will be inspired to create in a wide variety of art forms while exploring the natural Alberta Foothills setting through nature hikes and outdoor games and activities. Kids who love to explore – in art, in nature, and in their own imaginations – will love Leighton Art Centre Summer Camps!

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National Music Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)National Music Centre Summer Camps

Do you have a child who is interested in playing, listening, and learning about music? The National Music Centre is offering a summer packed with musical delights! Families can choose between two different week-long camp programs, designed for your child’s age and musical ability. Kids ages 9 – 13 years can explore, play music, learn from professional musicians, and make new friends this summer with Music Makers or Build a Band.

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Pinnovate Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

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Pinnovate Summer Camps

Do your kids love crafting? Pinnovate DIY Studio is Calgary’s family-friendly crafting destination! Instead of spending time and money gathering the many supplies you need for a craft project and then having all the clean-up at your house, check out Pinnovate. This summer your kids can have their own crafting experience at Pinnovate Summer Camps! Sign them up today and your kids can enjoy an imaginative and creative summer working on a variety of arts and DIY crafts.

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Storybook Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Storybook Theatre Summer Camps

Maybe your child walks into the living room with a flourish and your teen sings in the shower. Maybe someone is busily scribbling stories in a notebook or you have a kid who just likes to create and have fun. It sounds like a week at a summer theatre camp is in order! Storybook Theatre, one of Calgary’s premiere theatres for young audiences, is back with summer camps and programming to give kids a place on the stage. It’s time to shine!

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Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society Summer Camps

All over the world, Ukrainian dance is known for its colour, energy, and spunk. Although many people in Calgary do have Ukrainian ancestry, you don’t have to be Ukrainian to enjoy the beauty of this dance and culture, and the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society has summer camps for all kids ages 4 and up!

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Youth Singers of Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)Youth Singers of Calgary Summer Camps

Have you been singing in the shower, dancing in the kitchen, and creating your own shows to express your creativity? Well, it’s time to warm up, show up, and take the stage! The Youth Singers of Calgary summer camps are ready to get you singing, dancing, and laying it down on stage this summer. Put away those screens and banish summer boredom with these amazing camps.

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YouthWrite Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)YouthWrite Summer Camps

Words, stories, and books. Of course, these are valuable assets for everyone. But there are some people who cherish books and stories and treasure the power of words like it’s the air they breathe. If you have a young writer in your household, you know what I’m talking about and you need to know about YouthWrite Summer Camps!

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