eOne Films’ “Ballerina”

eOne Films Ballerina (Family Fun Calgary)

Felicie, an 11 year old orphan, has one passion: dancing. Her greatest dream is to become a ballet dancer of the Paris Opera Garnier.

In order to achieve this dream, Felicie and her best friend Fictor set up an incredible plan to escape from their orphanage to go to Paris! Paris, and its Eiffel Tower under construction, its brand new avenues designed by the Baron Hausmann, and the big scaffolding under which the Statue of Liberty is ready to be shipped to New York.

As she is willing to do anything to make it, Felicie will have to take the identity of her rival Camille to integrate the dancing school, to undergo intensive training to master gracefulness and ballet technique, and to endure the stress of the Opera’s rigorous auditions… With her mentor Odette and Victor by her side, Felicie will have to fight like she never did, to surpass herself, and to learn from her mistakes.

But nothing is too hard to achieve one’s dream.


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