Remember how much fun it was when grocery stores handed out samples? Studies show that 62% of consumers think product sampling is the best way to convince them to change brands, and you can see why that is true. When the kids try a sample of something new and love it (or at least, will actually eat it — it’s the little things), it’s easier to take the jump and actually buy something new.

What is Sampler?

Generally, companies hand out samples and products at random, either in stores or through the mail. While free samples might be a nice surprise while grocery shopping, it is not an effective way for the company to win new customers. And sometimes, it feels awkward to accept a sample you’re not at all interested in. If you have a coffee machine that uses pods, for example, you don’t want the same coffee product sample as your sister, who only uses a French press. In this world of technology and virtual everything, do you ever wonder if there might be a more effective way of matching products with those who would most appreciate them? To get samples matched to your lifestyle would make sample-giving much more compelling and practical for everyone.

Sampler is an easy-to-use resource that effectively matches families with monthly, FULL-sized samples of products that will actually be used and enjoyed. When you sign up for Sampler Exchange, all you have to do is fill out a profile, and answer a series of simple questions. These questions determine what samples you qualify for, and what samples will best match your lifestyle. This way you receive the most appropriate samples – ones that match your personal interests and lifestyle. They’ll be samples that the whole family will love!

What’s the deal with “targeted samples”?

Companies find that in-store sampling often won’t reach the audience they’re looking for. Not only is this unfortunate from a business perspective, it doesn’t help customers, either. But with a program like Sampler Exchange, you can qualify for FREE samples that match your lifestyle. Not only that, but you’re shown a variety of samples based on your profile, and you get to choose which ones you most want! Sampler Exchange works with over 200 brands, ensuring that they have just the right match for every family. These include such popular brands as Ritz, Nabob, The Body Shop, and Kraft.

What next?

So, through Family Fun Canada and Sampler, sign up for samples that match your family! Fill out a short profile, answering some simple questions that will assist Sampler Exchange in providing you with the perfect samples. Before long, a branded Family Fun Canada box, filled with samples matched to you personally, will show up on your doorstep for you to try and enjoy! Sign up for your free Sampler box here: