GAME ON! Gamers Fun Truck Birthday Parties

Gamers Fun Truck (Family Fun Calgary)

You know those kids who are just passionate about video games? Well, give them a birthday party they’ll never forget! The Gamers Fun Truck Mobile Video Game Party brings you the ultimate gaming birthday! Discover the joy of letting your child have their party AT your house, but not IN your house. You can join the fun or enjoy a couple hours of peace while your kids enjoy a couple hours of the best birthday party they’ve had.

The Gamers Fun Truck is Calgary’s favourite video games truck. They will come right to your house and try to park as close to your location as possible. (Many factors may determine the parking location, of course. When you book the truck, make sure there is adequate space available at or nearby the location.) Once the Game Truck has arrived at your location, let the fun begin! The 2-hour video game party is ready with all the latest and popular multi-player, party games, and video gaming systems to ensure a memorable time.

The Fun Truck has a 24-foot trailer loaded with 16 feet of comfy benches, and wall-mounted, 50 inch HD screens, optimized for gaming to give gamers the best view of their games and gameplay. With 12 game consoles, including Xbox One, XBox 360, PS4 VR, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U consoles, you can guarantee non-stop gaming fun. Plus, they have enough controllers for everyone to play and lots of games to choose from. Groups of up to 16 can enjoy a Fun Truck party. Plus, no matter the weather, your little (or big!) gamers will be comfortable, with heaters and air conditioning, padded flooring, and lighting designed for both gaming and safety. (In the winter, coats and boots can be stored just inside the door, for dry floors and enough elbow room while gaming.)

What Else?

Two hours of video games make a great party. What else do you need? Pizza! Gamers Fun Truck partiers get 30% off any regular-priced menu order at Papa John’s Pizza! Plus, the guest of honour gets a free Gamers Fun Truck t-shirt and customizable invites are also available. The only catch: book as soon as possible to ensure availability. This popular birthday party option fills up quickly, so booking up to 3 months in advance is recommended.

Game on!


Gamers Fun Truck Birthday Parties:

Where: Calgary and nearby communities

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