September 2015

Remember Sam? He recently stopped by to teach us all about Allosaurus, one of his favourite dinosaurs at the Calgary Zoo’s Prehistoric Park, plus we love reading his blog posts. Well, Sam is back for another visit and he’s got some great info for us!

Today, Sam is going to share with us what he knows about a really interesting group of dinosaurs: the hadrosaurs, also known as the duckbills. Let’s hear it Sam!

Hello everyone! I have to tell you about one of the most-famous groups of dinosaurs: the duckbills! I see that they don’t really look like a duck overall, but I guess their mouth looks like a duck so that makes sense. My dinosaur book says that their actual group name is hadrosaurs – I wonder what that means? I see that they have LOTS of teeth, and I think that they used them for chewing up plants. I think their teeth look kind of like shark teeth with how many of them there are! I see that they walk on all fours, but I wonder if they ever move on two legs? I think that they could move a lot faster if they did.

One of my biggest favourite duckbills is Parasaurolophus because it has a gigantic bone sticking out of the back of its head! I think that it must be hard to figure out what that bone was for – some scientists think that it might have been for warming them up, breathing underwater, and even to use them as a weapon! No one is sure, but most scientists think that it helped them to make SUPER loud noises – sort of like having a trumpet attached to their head! I wonder what I would sound like with a trumpet bone on my head?“.

Sam, the hadrosaurs sounds like a really interesting (and noisy!) bunch of dinosaurs.  I’m so glad we have the chance to get a close look at one at the zoo’s Prehistoric Park!

Did You Know?

  • Some of the most spectacular fossils in the world are the ‘mummified’ hadrosaurs – so named because of some of their soft tissues like organs, muscles, and skins being preserved. These remarkable, extremely rare fossils have even occasionally found with their last meals intact in their stomach!
Parasaurolophus, one of the many dinosaurs that inhabits the Calgary Zoo's Prehistoric Park.

Parasaurolophus was a pretty funky looking critter, Sam!

Would you like to meet Parasaurolophus in person? He’s just one of sixteen animatronic dinosaurs inhabiting the Calgary Zoo’s Prehistoric Park, during Dinosaurs Alive. Visit the zoo to hear them roar, see them move, and learn all about these fascinating creatures from the past.

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