January 2009

My plans this morning were cancelled at the last minute, and so I found myself with two antsy children who were dressed up with no place to go. We’ve been cooped up lately with the weather being so miserable, so I decided that we should just go somewhere, anywhere before we killed each other! The first place that came to mind was Let’s Play in Canyon Meadows. It turned out to be quite a hit with the kids and we spent almost 3 hours there! Yay mommy rocks!

Let’s Play’s main feature is a very large climbing structure with mats, slides and a ball pit. It also has an arcade type area (tokens only and the games give out coupons that the kids can redeem for small prizes) and a gated toddler only area so that the little ones can play without wandering off or being bowled over by older more rambunctious kids. It also has its own café with snacks, drinks, food, a large seating area and 4 cute theme rooms at the back for birthday parties. I was impressed with the security features that they employ: the parent gets a name tag and the child gets a wristband and when you leave, they have to match. There are also security gates so that the kids can’t leave without you.

This time of year, places like this can be a cesspool of cold viruses, so I was pleased to see staff actively wiping down surfaces while I was there. I don’t know how old Let’s Play is – it is starting to show some minor signs of wear and tear – but in general the equipment seems to be well maintained. The top of the structure could use a good dusting, but in general I found the place to be pretty clean.

Of course none of this matters to the kids. For the first half hour, the kids stayed in the ball pit lobbing balls at each other. Then they started climbing, and climbing higher and higher! I was surprised Billy made it to the very top level without freaking out, but then again, he is my daredevil. At the same age, Helen would go up one level, decide she didn’t like heights and wail at the top of her lungs until I hefted my pregnant bulk up the play structure and rescued her. After climbing, they decided that the merry-go-round in the toddler area was their own private domain. They managed to sneak on several times while other kids were riding, in addition to the 8 tokens I used!

I probably spent about $20 in admission and snacks, but it was worth it for the exercise and fun that they got. If you go frequently Let’s Play offers packages with 10 passes or an annual pass to make it a bit less expensive. All in all a very successful excursion! Anything that wears them out and keeps them from whining at me is much appreciated!

January 7, 2009