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Home Depot Lawn Mower Rebate Program

Earth Day is April 22; are you doing anything special to off-set your carbon footprint on Earth Day? Or do you do something everyday like use energy efficient bulbs, compost, have low flow shower heads, or walk instead of driving when possible? Ever thought about how you mow the lawn?

For every hour a Canadian runs a two-stroke gas-powered lawn mower, the pollution emitted is equivalent to driving a car more than 320 kilometers. Each year gas-powered lawn equipment releases approximately 80,000 tonnes of emissions in Canada, using 151 million litres of gasoline. And think of the cash cost; that’s $17,365,000 worth of fuel (at $1.15 per litre)!

StaySharp Plus Reel Mower

Yikes! Does that make you want to turn in your gas guzzler? Now you can! Mow Down Pollution – a partnership program between The Home Depot Canada and Summerhill Impact – is reducing greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions by encouraging and rewarding Canadians who permanently retire their older, higher-polluting gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

Between April 19 – May 2, 2012, Canadians can bring their old gas-powered lawn and garden equipment to any Home Depot store to be retired safely. In exchange those who do will receive a coupon for an instant rebate of up to $100 that can be used on a selection of more efficient alternatives. Every little bit adds up because exchanging 1,000 gas-powered lawn mowers for electric mowers is equivalent to the emissions of removing 230 cars from the highways (Source: Environmental Protection Agency).

Last year more than 9,000 inefficient units were collected and recycled through the annual program, preventing the release of 335 tonnes of greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions. Let’s beat that in 2012!



Summerhill Impact Home Depot Lawn Mower Rebate Program

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