January 2022

Our family has been to the zoo many times, but never to brunch. Not only did this seem like a good way to spend a (relatively warm) winter day and a perfect pick-me-up to beat the winter blues in the middle of January, but with a special January membership discount, it was a pretty good deal with three hungry teens in the house!

Of course, with COVID, things have changed and now you don’t serve yourself from the buffet, which can slow things down, but keep you safer. We happened to pick a busy day at the Safari Sunday Brunch and those serving were kept running the whole time. But besides a bit of a lineup at the very beginning of our seating, the process went smoothly and the servers were friendly and attentive, coming around frequently to offer coffee and drinks.

Calgary Zoo Safari Sunday Brunch (Family Fun Calgary)

Dad enjoys his coffee and some peace while the kids get food.

The food, of course, was plentiful, beautiful, and delicious! From cold cuts and salad to eggs benedict and waffles, everyone had a favourite. (The eggs benedict was mine. But I may have had one – or three – danishes, too.) And that was before we hit the dessert line. I wondered how a chocolate fondue would work in a time of COVID, but a server easily took care of that, while offering up a host of other treats.

If you have kids of any age, you know that a happy family time isn’t so much dependent on the event itself, but on everyone’s reaction to the event, and their interaction with each other. The planning of our brunch had a rocky start with the teens (don’t even ask) but from the moment we walked into the Safari Lodge, spirits rose and the cheerful chatter started. With amazing food and an atmosphere conducive to relaxing, the Safari Sunday Brunch brought just the right backdrop for our family to talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

Calgary Zoo Safari Sunday Brunch (Family Fun Calgary)

They DO get along! Sometimes.

Create a special memory, laugh over silly jokes, and let someone else do the cooking and the cleaning. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for today, seize the moment and carve out some time for your family. Happy Sunday!

Calgary Zoo Safari Sunday Brunch (Family Fun Calgary)

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