June 2009

The Little Gym of Airdrie is a brand new gymnastics facility that just opened its doors on June 15th. Geared towards children from 4 months to age 12, their professionally developed, non-competitive programs have been designed to build motor skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to try their best, not be the best.

My son Evan had the opportunity to try out one of their free introductory classes called “Funny Bugs.” I knew he would enjoy the class because he has been registered in other gymnastics classes elsewhere. He loves the high energy running and tumbling aspect of class. Evan is very shy and the patient and skilled instructors gently coaxed him out of his shell and before long they saw his energetic and enthusiastic side.

There are a number of things that set The Little Gym apart from other traditional gymnastics courses. The gym is quite small which lessens the intimidation factor for small children. Everything is brightly painted in fun colours and there are visual cues everywhere so kids know to put their hands on the “X’s” and feet on the footprints. At 6 children per instructor this is small teacher to student ratio compared to other classes I have seen. The instructors use language that kids can visualize and relate to which helps them follow instructions clearly. When they are learning the Safety Landing Position the instructors ask them to put cookies on their arms (arms straight out, don’t drop the cookies) and then when they jump off the trap they swing their arms up (throw the cookies behind them) for the “Ta-Da”.

If you would like to register your child in a free, introductory class, visit www.tlgairdrieab.com for more information.

On July 4th, 2009, The Little Gym of Airdrie will be hosting an Open House to celebrate their Grand Opening. Come visit between 1:30pm and 4:30pm to tour the gym, meet the staff and learn about the programs. There will also be great prizes, balloons for kids and lots of fun!

The Little Gym of Airdrie:

Address: #313, 505 Main Street SW (Behind Safeway in Towerland Mall)
Phone: 403-945-1122
Website: www.tlgairdrieab.com