Family life is a glorious mix of school and holidays, work and family fun. The kids have activities and you have errands, and hopefully, all your schedules match beautifully. (While we’re at it, let’s dream about the kids staying in bed once they get there!) Well, we all know that’s a fairytale and there are lots of days where the kids are out of school and need care or stimulation and you’re busy or at work. That’s when you need to get in touch with one of the Trellis Society club locations for PD Day Camps and After-School Programs!

As one of the largest social services agencies in Calgary, Trellis works with children, youth and families to unlock their potential and support their growth. They offer safe and welcoming spaces for kids to enjoy programming with PD Day Camps and for youth to visit for After-School Programs.

Trellis Society PD Day Camps and After School Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

PD Day Camps

All throughout the school year, the Trellis Clubs offer PD Day programming for kids in grades one to six. Programs are unique to each club and the schools in the surrounding neighbourhood and you don’t have to be a member to sign up. From 8 am to 5:30 pm, children will enjoy a variety of activities, including crafts, games, and field trips. Contact your preferred club to register. Registration is $50, but note that finances should never be a barrier and there are options for those who qualify.

After-School Programs

Even if you have kids “old enough” to stay home alone, you know that isn’t always ideal. Trellis Clubs offer a safe, welcoming place for youth to visit after school. They will participate in activities that encourage learning and discovery, health and wellbeing, physical literacy, creative expression, leadership development, and a positive connection to community and family. They can make new friends and connect with supportive adults, too. Club locations offer different programming on different schedules, so check out a club location near you.

There is also an option for virtual after-school programs, so youth can interact, play games, and learn while online with high-level programming from Trellis.

Trellis Society PD Day Camps and After School Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Kids thrive when they are engaging in life and positively interacting with peers and other adults. Trellis is ready with just the right program for your kids and youth, smoothing your schedule and making life run just a little easier. Check out your options today!

Trellis PD Day Camps and After School Programs:

Club Locations: 

731 13 Ave NE, Calgary, AB
Forest Lawn:
4105 16th Ave NE, Calgary, AB
36, 7930 Bowness Rd, NW, Calgary, AB
6098 Penbrooke Dr, SE, Calgary, AB
6012 Rundlehorn Dr NE, Calgary, AB

PD Day Camps:
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