Value Village is a Summer Crafting Paradise {FREE Ultimate Giant Bubble Recipe}

Summer is here and it’s a perfect time to do some crafting. If you’re a parent, crafting is also a great way to do some projects together with your kids. But purchasing craft supplies from a specialty store is often expensive. How can you keep those costs down? By using gently used items from Value Village!

More than 96% of items at Value Village are under $10, making it an economical choice to find items that can be creatively re-purposed. Shoppers keep coming back because they never know what they might find. Each visit is a different experience because there are over 100,000 quality pre-loved items on the sales floor and over 6,000 new items arriving daily. Shoppers can also feel good about buying items from Value Village they turn donations of clothing and household items into vital funding for community programs.

Upcycling and “retro crafting” is a hot trend right now, and Value Village is the place to find one-of-a-kind items just waiting for your personal touches. Here are just a few ideas of what you can make this summer from items found at our favourite thrift shop.

Crafting with strings, yarn and thread

Value Village has lots of yarn and embroidery thread at a fraction of the price of buying new. If you always wanted to learn to knit, buy some yarn and some knitting needles and go for it. Or pick up a bagful of colourful embroidery floss and make homemade friendship bracelets to give to your friends.

Stock up on summer reading

Value Village has a huge selection of books that cost much less than purchasing new reads. You can pick up a summer’s worth of books for the beach or cabin. Or, you can buy books with colourful illustrations (children’s picture books work well) and use them to make collages. Another great craft that is easy for anyone to do is to re-purpose books into postcards or greeting cards by gluing pictures onto the back of cardstock or cardboard.

Painting projects

Value Village also has an amazing selection of knick-knacks. A fun way to upcycle them is to paint them, either with spray paint (children need to do this with adult supervision) or with acrylic craft paint. Glasses, statues and who-knows-what can be turned into fanciful, decorative creatures or bookends.

Upcycle records. Or listen to them

Value Village has a great selection of old vinyl records. Did you know they make great crafts? Purchase inexpensive clockworks at a hobby or craft store, then buy long-play records from Value Village to create a custom clock! Or, you can find instructions online to gently soften the vinyl in an oven and re-shape the records to make funky bowls.


If beadwork is your craft of choice, purchasing new beads from a specialized store can make projects really expensive. Value Village has a solution! Purchase whatever bracelets and necklaces you like the look of, then re-string them onto beading wire, fishing line or even dental floss to make unique customized pieces. If this is a project for your kids, chunkier beads are a good choice because they’re easier to handle.

Creative photo framing

Children love to draw and paint during the summer. Display their masterpieces with mix-and-match photo frames. The low prices at Value Village mean that you can create your own photo wall for a bargain price! Or, why not print out your Instagram photos and display them around your house? You can choose frames that are in the same style or colour scheme, or go for a completely mismatched and eclectic look. Plus, the frames can be upcycled with paint, beads, stickers and more.

Plant a mini garden

Value Village has a wide selection of flower pots just waiting for your plant! Terracotta flower pots can be custom painted and embellished, but think creatively; why not plant a flower in a fish bowl, an old trophy or even a tea pot? The possibilities are almost endless with the items you’ll find!

Become a designer

If your child or teen loves to sew, why not go bargain hunting to find unique pieces such as tulle skirts, funky canvas shoes and purses and add some special touches to them with rhinestones or patterns? Another great project is to convert large beach or bath towel into a picnic or beach tote with minimal sewing required. Get a bunch of friends together for a crafting session and then model the finished products to each other!

Blow some bubbles

Think of Value Village when you’re planning all your craft projects this summer! There’s really no end to what you can find to make something a little out of the ordinary. Even something as simple as bubble blowing can be taken to the next level with a little help of some upcycled and repurposed items. Experiment with your own wacky homemade bubble wands using items like badminton rackets, wire coat hangers bent into shapes or even cookie cutters! And for the bubble mixture (see our recipe below for an easy way to have an unlimited supply on hand), a beverage dispenser makes a great bubble refill station! Click on the image for a printable PDF.

If you love the thrill of bargain hunting as well as expressing your personality through unique pieces, then Value Village is your one-stop shop this summer.

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