May 2017

Who do you think should be Canada’s Greatest Animal? Does the beaver really deserve to have that title? After all, beavers are industrious and have great teeth, but perhaps the strong grizzly bear or the wise grey owl is a better choice for Canada’s national symbol! Or maybe the upwardly mobile mountain goat or even the graceful whopping crane would be more suitable than our national rodent! If you think our beaver should no longer have the top spot, now is your chance to vote in Calgary Zoo’s new contest!

The Calgary Zoo is celebrating Canada’s big birthday this year by asking all Canadians to help decide who should have the distinction of being Canada’s Greatest Animal for the next 150 years. Your vote matters because our national animal is an important part of our national identity!

Here are the seven members of the “Eh! Team” up for election. (But you can also suggest other candidates)

  • The grizzly bear
  • The whooping crane
  • The high plains drifting bison
  • The mountain goat
  • The grey wolf
  • The grey owl
  •  The incumbent – the dam beaver

So do your duty as Canadians and vote today at

The winner will be announced on May 19, 2017.