What will the fall season hold? How about cool mornings and warm days, the excitement of learning new skills, and embracing the active, adventurous life? WinSport is keeping your kids engaged with fall programs and lessons for all ages and interests. Whether your kids want to work on their skating and hockey skills before winter or they want to keep that mountain bike handy and hit the trails, you’ll find something just for them. Or maybe they want an exciting adventure! This fall, take a look at WinSport’s Outdoor Adventure programs: Wilderness Explorers, Wilderness Survival Skills, and Archery.

WinSport believes in building the skills to enjoy sport and thrive in life, from picking yourself up after you fall to gaining mastery in whatever you choose to pursue. They want to help kids build confidence, learn perseverance, and develop amazing friendships with like-minded people. And at a place like WinSport, with their high-level, high-quality programming for all ages and levels, you know you’re getting a terrific experience.

Technology and staying inside have been so prevalent in the past couple of years and WinSport wants to provide some balance, with programs that get kids out exploring and learning skills that can’t be learned on a screen. It’s time for our kids to have real-life adventures, in an environment where they can safely explore and challenge themselves. The Outdoor Adventure programs at WinSport aim to do just that. Kids ages 3 – 14 can find something for their age group, where they can experience the world through hands-on activities, nature games, and play. It’s time to get muddy, stay curious, and discover the bugs, plants, and fun in our own backyards. Older kids will love the archery program, too.

Wilderness Explorers

Make the most of your young child’s fascination with the world and take a look at Wilderness Explorers, designed for kids ages 3 – 6 years. Your child will love connecting with the natural world through unstructured play and hands-on activities, aimed at building resilience and social skills in kids, all the while guided by their own curiosity.

Wilderness Survival Skills

Kids ages 8 – 12 years are filled with potential and capable of more than we usually expect! Let your child find out what they’re made of with Wilderness Survival Skills. What will they need to survive and thrive in an emergency outdoors? This is the perfect way to get the kids off their screens, reconnect with nature, and learn useful real-life skills like building a camp and lighting a fire. This program runs at WinSport and on the nearby Paskapoo Slopes. It will be outside in most conditions and modified for colder temperatures. Kids will learn how to use camping stoves to cook or heat their lunches, too.


What about archery? It’s a fun, unique activity that your youth may never have considered, whether they are competitive or just want to learn a cool new skill. Kids ages 9 – 14 years can take an Archery program at WinSport, where they’ll learn traditional techniques on compound and traditional bows, while also mixing in some sports to keep things moving.

WinSport (Family Fun Calgary)

This fall, it’s time for our kids to get back to being kids: learning, exploring, and playing outside like it’s their job! The outdoor programs take place over the whole WinSport facility, so kids have a chance to experience all the different elements and terrains. Whether it’s playing on the hill, travelling into the forest, or navigating the more rocky areas, there will be enough diversity in the environment to ensure a true change in scenery every day.

Help your kids stay active and reduce stress this fall. They may be back in school, but the Outdoor Adventure programs at WinSport will help kids get out of the classroom, breathe the fresh air, and make some new, like-minded friends along the way.

Registration is now open online.

WinSport Fall Programs:

When: Fall 2022
Registration: Register online
Where: WinSport Canada Olympic Park
Address: 88 Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB