Join the Woezo Africa Cultural Festival (WACF) in learning about, participating in, and viewing the many creative mediums enriched with the history of African culture. During the festival, you can expect traditional African drum and dance performances, engaging arts and crafts workshops, moving vocal performances, visual arts, spoken word, an online networking mixer, and a film festival screening – all live-streamed in the comfort of your home!

It is important to highlight the contributions that Africans have made to Canadian culture. This festival will invite the public to perspectives and narratives that challenge dominant culture and more accurately represents the diversity of the city of Calgary, and Canada as a whole. It is important to share African stories, educate people about the history, and advocate for the unique art forms by showcasing them. These digital activities will be delivered by several community organizations and groups within the Canadian African communities.

All youth and adult workshops and events will be open for free to the public and they will be accepting optional Pay-What-You-May donations (recommended amount is $10 per event) for admission via live streaming and live audience performances. Cost should not be a barrier for attendees of this event, so there is also an option for free general admission for the public.

Woezo Africa Cultural Festival:

When: August 20 – 21, 2021
Time: 6 – 8 pm