Crafty, Crafty! My new addiction

Robins eggs

I have a new addiction. It has consumed me for over a week now, and I don’t want to stop. It started out very innocently… I have to start at the beginning. I have a three month old daughter and a four year old son. I found myself neglecting my 4 year old way too much trying to appease my somewhat colicky daughter (mommy guilt). One evening after I computed how much time over the course of the day Evan had spent playing the Wii and watching TV, I was mortified (more mommy guilt).

I recently went to an Usborne Book Party (My fabulous Usborne Book Consultant’s website here!) and purchased the Usborne Activities 365 Things to Make and Do book. I am by no means a creative person or crafty. I hated the idea of doing crafts because to me, crafts conjured up memories of egg cartons and pipe cleaners and it would mean just more things to throw away that my child had made, and I of course would feel guilty (even more mommy guilt).

This book has a plethora of projects and crafts that are simple and are actually quite cute and adorable. I decided this book would help my non-creative mind to come up with quality time activities I could do with my son. We made the Robo Truck and Superhero crafts and Evan loved them. Yay! I was doing something with Evan and assuaging my mommy guilt! After we did a number of projects in the book, I began to wonder what other crafts we could do. I was inspired by the felt animals crafts on page 48 of the book, so I turned to the Internet and started to Google felt crafts.

bitty booties

It was at that moment that I discovered the world of crafting blogs. And the obsession began…

I started to go a little crazy. I came across this blog showing me how to make little baby booties out of felt. Find the instructions to make them yourself here.

Which led to a butterfly chandelier for my daughter’s room made out of a coat hanger, craft paper and leftover tulle from a previous project. I found that although the butterfly chandelier is not necessarily a craft for kids, Evan did sit down with me and have fun cutting and drawing on the paper scraps, trying out the butterfly punch and exploring his own crafty creations. Here are the instructions for making the chandelier.

Butterfly Mobile

It was awesome! The creative juices were flowing so I made a stuffed monster toy for Evan, the inspiration coming from yet another blog…

Of course this new passion for crafts means I needed to get organized. I purchased an organizing cart from a certain warehouse store and created an art centre to share with Evan and eventually Anya, full of stamps, stickers, paints, ribbons etc. Maybe I’m the last person on earth to discover these blogs but in case you were like me and the word “craft” conjured up making a doll out of an empty dish soap bottle (ugh!), then take a look at some of these blogs I came across, and feel inspired!

One Pretty Thing

Made (mostly crafts for boys)

Whip Up

How Does She?


PS. Here is the link to making the blue Easter eggs in the top photo. I found the link via the One Pretty Thing website.


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