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As the author of two personal finance guides, I know a thing or two about couponing, saving money and scouring the Internet for the best deal. Saving a buck or two – or hundreds – is important to me, and has a real impact on our family’s financials.

I’ve been an online deal finder for a long time – embracing sites like, and when they were in their infancy. When Dealspotr asked me to review their site, I was up for the challenge.

After all, there are hundreds of deals posted on the internet, sent by mail, advertised in store, flyers or by email every day. The promise that I could see them all organized in one place, updated and validated in real time, sounded too good to be true.

The premise of Dealspotr is simple. It’s a real-time deal sharing platform with a gamification twist–you can earn points when you post, validate or share accurate deals, coupons, and promo codes. Those points can be traded for gift cards each time you reach a 10,000 point threshold. People have signed up for the site in droves–since launching in 2015, Dealspotr has been viewed by over 2 million shoppers per month, and is one of the fastest-growing deal sites.

Here’s how it works

I signed up by linking my Facebook profile with the site because I’m the worst at remembering passwords. You can create a log in and password if you prefer.

I filled in my profile, adding a photo and bio, and then added my first deal. I had just received an email from Payless offering 25% off in store, and the deal wasn’t on Dealspotr yet, so it was perfect.
Just those few minutes of signing up and entering a deal earned me over 3,000 points – well on my way to a $10 gift card.

Once I was set up Dealspotr, I started looking for companies I wanted to follow. Your main Dealspotr page consists of a Facebook style news feed of deals. You can subscribe to specific brands, topics, and people in order to curate a daily feed of deals personalized for you. I specifically wanted to add Canadian coupons to my feed, like Walmart Canada and Joe Fresh.

That’s it! The basics of the site are super easy to use.

The Extras

Back in the early 2000s, I earned a couple hundred dollars in Amazon gift cards on sites like I mostly had to complete surveys and watch videos, and do a little online shopping–which was still not really a thing yet way back then.

I like that with Dealspotr, if I’m looking to earn rewards, I can log in each day and complete a checklist of tasks to earn points. I don’t have to buy anything to earn points–sharing and adding deals will get me the points I need to redeem for gift cards. Also, if you’re a blogger or social media influencer, you can sign up through their Influencer Network and get access to paid projects and cross promotional opportunities. (You can also syndicate their blog content–and some of their blog content is really great.)

One benefit that’s really an opportunity for early adopters is the option to share your personal Dealspotr referral code to refer friends, family and followers to join Dealspotr. You earn a points bonus when they first join, plus a percentage of the points they earn over the lifetime of their accounts. Getting in on the ground level of Dealspotr can mean really racking up your rewards as the site grows in popularity.

What I Loved

I found that Dealspotr has accurate discount codes – and their research backs that up. I’m the type of online shopper that logs into my account before I shop on, and googles a company name with “discount code” in order to find anything I can try entering into that promo code box on the checkout screen. I never want to leave that box empty! It’s super frustrating to try code after code that doesn’t work. On Dealspotr, there are real people who are active shoppers adding, updating and validating the deals. And because they’re rewarded for doing so, people are lightening fast on adding content.

With Dealspotr, I can either visit the site directly and navigate to the stores I want, or just log in and browse by the most popular stores or deals, or recently added deals. I can also just run a Google search of the company name and add Dealspotr in my search. Easy peasy.

DeaSpotr encourage people to be social and interact on the site by liking deals, following people and thanking people when you’ve used a deal. If you find someone who is quick on the draw with deals, or seems to like the same companies you like, you can hit the subscribe button next to their name to keep up-to-date with their latest posts.
I also like the reminder feature that allows me create a reminder to use the deals I found. There’s a thumbtack icon that lets me add deals my saves, and get a reminder the day before it expires.

Room for Improvement

The site has so many deals that it can be a bit overwhelming to find what you need. I think they could improve their search capabilities–for instance, when trying to find Canadian companies to follow, like Indigo, it was a challenge to bring the company up in the search results. Once I found them I was able to click Follow to make it easier to find them again. I also don’t love that the search results frequently pull up unrelated deals after it gives you the good ones–I feel it adds to the visual clutter.
The site does offer a blog with some posts that are super relevant to savvy savers like me (Yes, I do want to know your Top 6 Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Hacks thank you very much!), but posts like their Ultimate Guide: 30+ Helpful Resources to Quit Smoking seem pretty off-brand and not relevant to their audience.

Overall, I think Dealspotr is one of the better deal sites out there, and I’m looking forward to scoring great deals on things we were going to buy anyway. (Because don’t forget, buying something you didn’t need just because it’s on sale is not money smart!)

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