Your child can let loose and have some gaming fun when the school day is over thanks to A&D Tutoring After-School Classes! These STEM-based classes are back and better than ever, introducing coding and design concepts through popular games like Roblox and Dungeons & Dragons, or through the popular building toy Lego.

A&D Tutoring After-School STEM Classes are the perfect mix of learning and enjoyment! You can encourage your child’s obsession with Lego, Roblox, or Dungeons & Dragons knowing that their time with A&D Tutoring is building skills for potential future success. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers are on the rise and demand for people with STEM experience is increasing.

A&D Tutoring After-School STEM Classes meet weekly for 10 weeks, giving your child the chance to meet new friends while they advance their coding and gaming skills. They will have fun exercising their creativity and forming critical thinking and problem-solving skills together as they build and program Lego robots, learn to develop games in Roblox, or immerse themselves in the world of D&D roleplay.

A&D Tutoring Fall STEM Classes Collage

Dungeons & Dragons

October 3 – December 5, 2023 | Tuesdays 6 pm – 8 pm
Kids can immerse themselves in the world’s most successful Table Top Roleplaying Game! Participants will get to create their own character and join their allies in the fight to protect the town of Phandalin from the monsters lurking in the mountains. Through engaging gameplay, players will work on team building, problem solving, planning, and communication, all while engaging with a rich detailed fantastical environment. Classes will use a combination of physical and digital materials to maximize immersion and excitement.

Lego Robotics

October 4 – December 6, 2023 | Wednesdays 6 pm – 7:30 pm
In this exciting class kids will use their favourite building toy to learn mathematics, engineering, and robotics principles. Students will work together to design and build robots that overcome obstacles and solve challenges. It is a fun way to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Game Design with Roblox

October 5 – December 7, 2023 | Thursdays from 6 pm – 7 pm
Move beyond gameplay and learn how to design your very own Roblox games for you and your friends to play! Through Roblox Studio, students will learn to combine parts and models with basic programming to create games with complex systems like battle rorale or RPG. Using the same concepts as engineers everywhere, youth will learn game design fundamentals, testing procedures, game optimization, and how to monetize and turn their game into extra money in their wallet.

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A&D Tutoring is proud to offer a wide variety of programming including unique summer camps, birthday parties, exam services, online learning and more. They are dedicated to providing quality programs and services to learners of ALL ages, including tutoring options for students in K-12 and Post-secondary.

Registration is now open for the Fall Term by contacting A&D Tutoring via phone, e-mail, or website inquiry. Limited spots are available for each class so register early to avoid disappointment. The recommended age for After-School STEM Classes is 8+, but there may be some flexibility for slightly younger or older students that are interested or qualified.

A&D Tutoring After-School STEM Classes:

When: October 3 – December 7, 2023
Time: Classes run between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Where: A&D Tutoring
Address: 16412 100 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-444-9349