Are you, as a parent, worried about how your child is going to manage the structure of virtual learning? The spring school season made it clear that many kids struggle to work independently and grasp new concepts without additional support. With so many parents juggling work schedules and other commitments, or trying to manage multiple children, it can become a pretty stressful situation at home. A&D Tutoring recognizes the unique challenges facing families right now and created Pandemic Pod classes to help kids successfully navigate online learning in a small group setting away from home.

About Pandemic Pods

So, what exactly is a Pandemic Pod? No, it’s not some futuristic capsule that will transport you to a better, easier time … but it’s pretty close! In a way, it’s a classroom away from school. Your child is welcomed into a safe and encouraging small group at A&D Tutoring in NE Edmonton. Here they can learn, ask questions, and receive help as needed. The knowledgable and patient class tutors are always nearby to help students stay on task and work through technical difficulties (which can cause a lot of headaches at home!)

A&D Tutoring Virtual Learning

Explanation: this photo was taken prior to COVID, work stations are now spaced further apart.

Groups of no more than 10 are formed based on grade level (grades 2 through 9). The small sizes allow for reduced risk, safe socialization and readily accessible help. All computers and equipment are provided if needed, including internet connection. Additional learning resources are available for kids who complete their work before the end of the day, like cool robotics and interactive coding!

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Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? If you want your child to have a similar experience to classroom learning, but in a smaller, more controlled environment then look no further! A&D Tutoring Pandemic Pods will be offered in Edmonton for quarterly segments throughout the 2020/2021 school year. Morning sessions run from 9 am to 12 pm, and afternoon sessions from 1 to 4 pm. For more information, or to register you child, please contact A&D Tutoring using the information provided below.

A&D Tutoring Pandemic Pods:

Where: 16408 100 Ave NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-444-9349