Awesome After School Programs in Edmonton

Awesome after school programs in Edmonton

All work and no play is no fun! Here are our top picks for awesome after school programs in Edmonton! From unleashing your child’s artistic creativity to helping them maintain physical fitness and honing special skills, these classes will help round out their after school time. With great programming and dedicated instructors these classes are sure winners!

Oxford Learning Edmonton West

Put your child on the path to success with the Oxford Learning system! The Oxford Difference means your child will get a customized tutoring program that maximizes their skills and abilities. Instead of “teaching to the test,” Oxford Learning helps kids find the best way to they learn…and that’s a skill that will help them throughout their lives! Learn more at: Go Beyond Tutoring with Oxford Edmonton West! 


Tien Lung Taekwon-do Daily DragonsTien Lung Taekwon-do

Combine after school care with a great fitness program at Tien Lung, with  Daily Dragons! Tien Lung will pick your kids up at school and bring them to thier dojang, where students will spend their afternoons mastering taekwon-do! For more information see: Tien Lung Taekwon-Do Daily Dragons: Transported After School Care.


Edmonton RythmicsEdmonton Rhythmics

Explore the grace and athleticism of rhythmic gymnastics with one of the premiere programs in the city! There are several recreational classes available at convenient locations throughout the Capital Region… there is  probably one near you! Looking for something competitive? They have a program for you too! For more information, see Passion and Excellence at Edmonton Rhythmics.


AquaMermaid ClassesAquaMermaid

Learn to be a mermaid! If dreams of under the sea fill your head, you are going to be thrilled to learn about AquaMermaid classes and parties. Glide and dive with qualified mermaiding instructors–tail included! For more information, see 5 Things You Need to Know About AquaMermaid Classes.



Take a Marr-Mac Dance Class for a Spin!Marr-Mac Dance

Offering both competitive and recreational streams in a variety of different disciplines, dancers –both experienced and brand– new will find a class to love at Marr-Mac. During September and October, they are offering a free trial class so you can take a class for a spin! For more information, see Marr-Mac Dance-Edmonton-Since 1968-Offering Free Trial Classes.


Stay Sharp with Edmonton Fencing Club ClassesEdmonton Fencing Club

You’ll have fun while you work on athletic skills like balance, coordination, and speed at Edmonton Fencing Club. Led by head coach, Olympian Jujie Luan, the club is a relaxed space for dedicated instruction in the sport of fencing. For more information, see Stay Sharp with Edmonton Fencing Classes.



Long and McQuade

Music classes are so much more than beautiful noise! Give your child all the benefits of a musical education with lessons for every level at Long and McQuade.  Lessons in a wide variety of instruments (including voice) are offered at two education centres in Edmonton at convenient times to suit your schedule! For more information see: Toot your own Horn with Music Lessons at Long & McQuade.

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