A professional development day will often strike panic in to the hearts of any parent and will leave them scratching their head wondering just how to keep the kids busy and ensure that a great memory is made on their day off from the regular school routine. This is where Alberta Aviation Museum comes to the rescue and shines! They are offering five incredible PD camps over a selection of Edmonton Public Professional Development Days that will leave your child wanting to eat, sleep and fly.

High-flying fun awaits kids ages 6 – 12 as they pioneer the skies from 9 am – 4 pm while exploring and learning aviation history through a wide variety of themes and adventure topics. For more than 80 years Edmonton’s Blatchford Field played hub to a bustling aviation community where hundreds of men and women let their dreams take flight. Now kids can let their own dreams soar as they learn about bush pilot explorers, daredevil aviators, flight training, jets and more!

Alberta Aviation Museum‘s NEW and exciting PD Camps include:

February 18, 2020 – Barnstorming: The Theatrical Art of Flight!

Are you ready to enjoy a few spins, rolls and a possible loop-the-loop? Get your wings ready for an educational and fun day as you learn about a number of incredible pioneering pilots and historical feats like the first airmail delivery in Western Canada. Have you ever wanted to climb inside the cockpit and examine cool aviation artifacts up close? Now you can do both of these activities and more when you register for this high-flying PD camp.

Alberta Aviation Museum PD Camp Fun Barnstorming
February 27, 2020 –Flight Training School (BCATP)

“Life is simple. Eat, sleep, fly.” (anonymous) Are you ready for take-off? We’re calling all future pilots to put your flight skills and knowledge to the test with this fun and interactive PD camp. How well do you know your way around the cockpit? You’re in command and control of a flight simulator as you sit in a real training plane and prepare to soar.

Alberta Aviation Museum PD Camps Flight Training School

March 26, 2020 – Gateway to the North: Bush Pilots

Do you crave adventure and yearn to fly into the unknown? This PD camp is for those who have a desire to explore uncharted territory and gain a taste of life as a bush pilot soaring high above the Canadian North. Are you ready to take the pilot’s seat? But first, you’ll have to prepare your aircraft and be sure that you are dressed appropriately in your bush pilot attire! “You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen it’s shadow from the sky.” (Amelia Earhart)

Alberta Aviation Museum PD Camps Gateway to the North

March 27, 2020 – Flight Crews: Commercial Aviation to the Skies

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard our flight and thank you for choosing to fly with us.” What would we do without the individuals who are there to comfort us and ensure that we all have a smooth flight experience? Did you know that flight attendants had to fight for their rights in the early days of commercial aviation in Alberta? Learn all about the life of the flight crew and get up close with a few of the museum’s prize artifacts from their extensive collection.
*Please note that this camp is full at the moment but is accepting a waitlist.

Alberta Aviation Museum PD Camps Flight Crews

May 19, 2020 – Supersonic: Jet Aviation

If you have a need for speed then this “supersonic” PD camp is for you! You’ll be encouraged to get up close with the museum collection’s fastest aircraft and discover just how planes became faster and faster over the years. Test your avionic knowledge as you’ll be tasked with building and experimenting with your very own rocket. Armed with this new knowledge about speed, you’ll have an opportunity to race against the clock as the museum challenges you to a scavenger hunt.

Alberta Aviation Museum PD Camps Supersonic

Registration is a must for these new pilots in training and space is limited. Visit here to register your child in one or more of these fabulous PD Camp opportunities. Let them soar … “To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.” (Jerry Crawford)

Alberta Aviation Museum PD Camps:

When: February 18 & 27, March 26 & 27, May 19, 2020
Time: 9 am – 4 pm. (Early drop-off begins at 8:30 am and late pick-up goes until 4:30 pm.)
Where: Alberta Aviation Museum
Address: 11410 Kingsway NW
Cost: Camps are $60/day with a $5 discount for multiple camp bookings.
(Additional discounts are available for Museum Family Membership holders)