Paint and glitter of every colour of the rainbow was oozing, sliding, and blending, decorating a 2 foot by 3 foot canvas. My daughter watched with delight as the colours combined then looked up at me and said with five-year-old adoration “This is the BEST birthday party EVER!”

Music to my ears.

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

Birthday Party setup at Paper Scissors Paint. Photo by Jill Footz.

Planning a child’s birthday party can be a daunting task. Doubly daunting for me, as I have to plan twin birthday parties. And they need to check all the boxes. Many, many boxes. It has to be fun, of course. It has to be a place both girls like, that their friends will like, and that can accommodate a variety of age groups, as we always invite cousins who vary in ages from 18 month to 10 years. We want something that will keep the kids engaged, busy and doing – and, in a perfect world, a place that will tolerate our messy-but-beloved family tradition of celebrating another year with “decorate your own cupcakes”.

Not to brag too much, but I’ve found the perfect place. Jackpot!

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

The big birthday “cake”. Photo by Jill Footz

We booked our very important fifth birthday party at Paper Scissors Paint Art Studio. Booking is simple – you can do it right on their website. Choose from Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning or afternoon time slots. The studio offers Classic, Classic Plus and Curated options. A Classic Party is 2 hours long, which includes some pre-planned projects, as well as open studio time, and the chance to enjoy food, cake and gifts. The Classic Plus package adds a sensory bin to the mix, while the Curated package includes decorations that are set up when you arrive and favours for the guests!

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

Guests enjoy open studio time. Photo by Jill Footz

The birthday kid (or kids, in our case) can choose from fun themes like Dinosaurs, Rainbow Jewellery, Canvas Painting, and our chosen theme – Slime Time! Who can resist sparkly, rainbow slime that each guest gets to take home???

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

Balloons in the air tunnel. Photo by Jill Footz

As our guests arrived, they were able to flutter from activity to activity. The potion station, with an amazing metallic golden goo, was very popular. There was a giant, square box “cake” just begging to be painted, glued and accessorized. A poster stretched across the wall proclaiming Happy Birthday to the guests of honour and inviting party-goers to fill its spaces with colour.

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

Animals in sparkly red “snow”. Photo by Jill Footz

A sand table sat with sparkly red snow and animals waiting patiently to make tracks. Some guests couldn’t get enough of making balloons dance in the air tube, or creating new paths for balls to travel along the magnet wall.

Birthday Party Paper scissors paint

Making rainbow slime! Photo by Jill Footz

Our first group activity was making the aforementioned rainbow slime. A puddle of glue was poured before each guest. Colour, glitter, slime “activator” and a little good, old-fashioned elbow grease quickly turned each puddle into slime! Then each guest shared a chunk of their chosen colour to create their own a rainbow jar of slime to take home.

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

Cupcakes! Photo by Jill Footz

After cake, we moved on to the piece de resistance – a paint pour canvas activity. Each party-goer poured a favourite colour on the canvas, added glitter, and took a turn tilting the art. Once dry, our gorgeous, glittery rainbow masterpiece will hang on our wall and serve as a reminder for years to come of the “best birthday party ever”!

Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint

Creating a masterpiece. Photo by Jill Footz

A Birthday Party at Paper Scissors Paint Art Studio:

Where: 364 Bulyea Road, Edmonton
Phone: 780-953-2787

This birthday party was a gifted experience from Paper Scissors Paint Art Studio. The writer’s opinions are her own and Paper Scissors Paint did not review or edit this story.