Ka-chow! It’s Cars 3! Movie Review

Cars 3 is racing from the Disney-Pixar Studio into a theatre near you!

Ka-chow! It's Cars 3!

Is it possible Lightning McQueen is ready for retirement? A new crop of racing cars are looking to replace the older generation of champions, and that could spell bad news for #95. With the help of some old and new friends, McQueen tries once again to prove the heart of a champion is made stronger with friendship!

As expected from the Cars franchise, the film offers laughs for parents and kids, and a touching plot line to pull the heart strings. In Cars 3 it is about the role of mentors and passing the torch.

“Doc” Hudson revisits McQueen at key points in the story as a guiding vision.  The death of the older car is never clearly explained, but it is obvious Lightning’s friend and teacher is no longer there, something my guys found distressing. You may need to prepare yourself for questions about the afterlife, but coming from a Disney studio, the theme of death is not too surprising.

Cristela Alonzo voices Cruz Ramirez, a spunky little coupe who works as a personal race car trainer. Cruz is a fun addition to the cast and a good foil to McQueen. I loved the fact that she was presented as just a character, instead of the “female character” and her troubles were not based on gender. It is something that blockbuster films need to strive to show…women facing problems that are universal and to which the whole audience can relate, rather than framed in a way as to make it seem female specific.

As a fan of Cars, I would have to say I would have liked to see more of the Radiator Springs gang, particularly Sally and Mater. They all make periodic appearances, but the story is heavily focused on Lightning and Cruz.

It was really great to see Cars 3, especially in 3D, which gave it an added thrilling dimension. Kids and adults will be happy to see the feel good film and watch Lightning McQueen flash across the screen again.

Cars 3 opens in theatres June 16, 2017.

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