It’s Friday. If you’re like me, the week of Spring Break chaos has caught up to you, and you’re faced with the stark realization that Easter Sunday is just two days away. What on earth am I going to put into two Easter baskets?!? I could leave it all up to the Easter Bunny and Grandma – but both tend to be a little heavy-handed with the sweets. So to help us all avoid that 8am sugar rush (and the cranky crash that always follows), I’ve taken the liberty of scrambling (Easter eggs, scrambling – get it?) together a list of Easter treats without the sweet. And the good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to fill an Easter basket that will be egg-ceptional! (OK, I’m done with the puns now, I promise.)

9 Cool Easter Treats Without the Sweet

Veggie Pops: Veggie Pops look like big, bright lollipops, but they are seed pods. Drop the colourful bulb into a pot of dirt, water regularly and watch your garden grow! I picked up the carrot and green bean pops at Mastermind Toys for $5.99 each.









Sidewalk Chalk: Summer is coming, people! (I think?!) Sidewalk chalk is everywhere, but if you keep your eye open you can get it for a song! I spotted several good options in the clearance aisle at Michaels! Score!

Sidewalk chalk









Erasers: Moms and dads of older kids, can you please fill me in? Are erasers a big thing? Every store had tons of them! Intricate shapes, elaborate foods, beloved characters – you name it, and it’s been made into an eraser. Dollarama has a surprisingly vast selection – from mega packs, to officially licensed sets featuring the likes of Shopkins and Paw Patrol.










Paw Patrol: Speaking of those crazy pups, if you have toddlers, you’re probably looking for something featuring Chase, Marshall or Sky. These basket-sized Teeny Ty Beanie Boos that I spotted at Indigo are ideal, and the price is pup-tastic too, at just $3.95.

Paw patrol teeny ty beenies







Play-Doh: I admit it – I love Play-Doh. And I’m a sucker for the delightful squishiness of a brand new can. This is another great basket stuffer you can find at almost any store, but I was impressed to see a big display with plenty of colour choices at Dollar Tree. $1.25 per can – awesome!

play doh










Bubbles: Whether you want giant wands, or little critters that blast out a flurry of tiny bubbles, your options for bubble machines and wands are endless! These Peeps bubbles that I spotted at Mastermind Toys are too cute to pass up, and the bubble solution smells like marshmallows too!

Peeps bubbles








Bath books: Don’t forget the babies! These super cute bath books from HomeSense are bright, colourful and make sounds too – and at just $3.99 each, you can pick up the whole collection!

Bath books








Outdoor toys: Balls, skippers, bowling sets, badminton rackets – pick up something to get your kids moving! Michaels has a huge display of active toys. I snagged a $5 velcro toss and catch game – but spent less than $3 thanks to a coupon. Bonus!

outdoor toys









Bunny stuffies: The perfect end to an Easter hunt – imagine a soft, cuddly bunny holding your child’s basket. I spotted a big bin of bunnies already on clearance at HomeSense this week. They range from medium size to huge, and with prices from $6-$12, you can’t lose!

bunny stuffies








I’m not opposed to chocolate, I just love finding goodies that get my kids moving, reading or thinking! Please share your best Easter treats without the sweet below in the comments section or through our social media channels. Happy Easter!