What’s the Buzz on Lendrum Community League Playground

Lendrum Community League Playground

Lendrum Community League Playground, Photos by Jill Footz

We call it Bee Park.

Lendrum Community League Playground

More bees! Photo by Jill Footz

You couldn’t possibly know it by any other name – I mean, there’s a giant black bee guarding the sand pit. A good handful of his buddies decorate the giant tree-trunk that anchors the toddler park. (They also serve double duty as climbing wall holds) A honeycomb theme adorns the wall of the tree tunnel that runs under the slide, and four oversize honeycombs offer a perfect place to climb, hide, or make believe you are one of the hard-working honey bees.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Bee from behind! Photo by Jill Footz

There’s been a real buzz around the city since Lendrum Community League Playground opened a few years ago. It’s nature theme is distinct. Aside from the bees, it features climbing trees and tall poles, a “rock” wall, a log tunnel, mushroom stools and wood stumps for jumping, and spinning leaf seats. The colour scheme is neutral browns, beiges and greys with pops of colour from the green tree tops, red mushroom caps and, of course, black and yellow bees.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Trees, rocks and honeycomb! Photo by Jill Footz

Take your kids – they’ll swarm to all the best parts! The log/mushroom/stump obstacle course has always been a hive of activity when we’ve gone.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Nature-themed obstacle course. Photo by Jill Footz

The climbing trees (short evergreens, and taller trunks with multiple foot holds) and climbing walls (including the unique cylindrical structure at the centre of the park) offer great play value, and get plenty of attention too.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Climbing cave. Photo by Jill Footz

One of my daughters is scared of the bee. She loves that section of the park, but makes a beeline past it every time she hits the bottom of a slide. My other daughter adores the statue! She jumps on and off, pretending she’s flying on flower missions with her bee friends. The options for imaginative play are nearly endless at this park!

Lendrum Community League Playground

Not afraid of the bee! Photo by Jill Footz

Lendrum Community League Playground offers all the typical favourites – swings, (2 big kid swings, 2 baby swings, and a saucer swing.) spinny things (the aforementioned leaves and a green swirly structure for standing or sitting.) and slides (five by my count.)  There are tons of great climbing features. The toddler playground is vast, but during our most recent visit there was a plywood board preventing the tiniest adventurers from accessing the honeycombs, most likely as a safety precaution as there’s a fairly large gap between the two.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Lendrum Community League Playground. Photo by Jill Footz

In the Summer of 2017, an older, wooden playground structure was torn down to make way for the new spray park. That space is now open (Summer 2018), and while it’s a simple layout, and somewhat stark in the world of spray parks, it’s flower design certainly fits with the bee theme.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Spray Park. Photo by Jill Footz

Underfoot you’ll find cement, rubber base, wood chips and just one small sand pit. Lendrum Community League is also home to a number of volleyball courts, and there are a couple of porta potties set up to service both the courts and the playground.

Lendrum Community League Playground

Bee Park. Photo by Jill Footz

Lendrum Community League Playground is a fabulous, fun space that will keep your kids as busy as bees!

Lendrum Community League Playground

Bee park. Photo by Jill Footz

Lendrum Community League Playground:

Where: 11335 – 57 Avenue, Edmonton
Website: www.lendrum.org

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