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When I had my first child, I received a sample pack of products. It was full of random stuff I had no use for and I put the entire thing directly into the food bank collection bin. None of the things were products I used, or had any intention of ever using. It was a complete waste on the part of the companies involved. “Why did they even bother?” I wondered.

Unlike the samples that you select for yourself from Sampler, those samples were sent to me based solely on the fact I was a new mom, but they didn’t take my preferences or lifestyle into account at all.

If only I had had Sampler! I could have made use of the products, because they would have been personalized to me. By spending a few minutes answering questions about your family and products you often buy, the company is able to match you with samples your whole family will love!

Qualify for the free samples by registering on the site and filling in the simple questionnaire. You will be matched with the appropriate samples that are on offer during the current campaign, and they will be sent directly to you.

Even if you’ve registered before, you can increase your chances of matching with new samples next week! To increase your chances of matching each month, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for our sample updates so we can send you a notification when you match with samples.
  2. Answer our new monthly questions to better match you with new monthly samples

If you haven’t matched yet, don’t worry—we just need to find the right samples for you and it can take a few tries. Each month we add even more awesome samples and an updated profile increases your chances of matching with free samples.