The Joy of Learning at Spruce Grove Playschool

Spruce Grove Playschool

A child’s first learning experience should be a joyful one! Joy is the ribbon that ties the experience together at Spruce Grove Playschool, where teachers and families work together to teach “Minds to think, hands to do and hearts to love”.

Spruce Grove Playschool

Spruce Grove Playschool is a non-profit, parent-run cooperative, based in the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood education. The classroom atmosphere is peaceful and nurturing, yet still stimulating and inspiring. Mutual respect is of the utmost importance and children are viewed as competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative and inventive. Using a play-based, emergent curriculum, the teaching team helps children navigate the direction of their education. Individualized programming allows teachers to adjust lesson plans for each child’s skills, needs and interests. Sensory experiences promote multi-faceted learning, and children are given ample opportunities to express themselves, vocally and creatively.

Spruce Grove Playschool

Collaboration with families is a keystone piece of this preschool model. Teachers and parents work together to support and reinforce social, emotional and educations lessons learned in the classroom setting. Parents are a fundamental part of this preschool experience, with volunteer days occurring about once every 2 to 3 months.

Spruce Grove Playschool

Spruce Grove Playschool offers three options to families – a 3-year-old program, a 4-year-old program and a mixed age program. All three programs are offered two days per week, while the 4-year-old program also has a three days per week option. Class sizes are kept small to maximize the educational experience. Students also benefit from exceptional experiences like field trips, in-class visitors, and a beautiful nature space for regular outdoor activity. Spruce Grove Playschool is still accepting registrations for the 2019/2020 school year!Spruce Grove Playschool

Spruce Grove Playschool:

Where: 447 King Street, Spruce Grove
Phone: 780-960-3729

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