More than ever before, families need more flexibility and adapted options as they choose extracurricular classes for their kids this fall. St. Albert Performing Arts is committed to doing this, by providing high-quality classes to kids of all ages and skill levels through their online classes this Fall. Their blended approach makes it possible for a seamless transition to in-person classes as restrictions lift and families are ready to make the switch.

Performing Arts
Like with all online classes, it is important for parents of younger children to remain present and accessible to help their child navigate virtual learning. This allows for each student to have the best experience at home possible, and also prepares them for further success in future Performing Arts programs.

Online Classes For All Ages

Preschool (0 – 5 years old)

The perfect place to begin! Parents and young children will learn together how to connect creatively through music, puppetry and dance! Through these engaging and interactive classes, your child learns that expressing themselves and trying new things is FUN!

Children (6-13 years old)

Choose from a variety of performing arts programs like Musical Dance Theatre, Broadway, Tap Dance, Puppetry, Theatre Acting and more! If your family is learning from home this year, check out the School of Broadway program for ages 6 to 13. It is a week day program that would be perfect for incorporating Theatre and Arts into your curriculum!

Youth (9-19 years old)

Similar options as what is offered to children’s age category, but with additional master classes in Acting and Musical Theatre for those looking to be challenged at a higher level. Students of all skill levels will find their place here as they learn how to push their creative boundaries in a fun and encouraging setting.

Are you ready to take the leap into learning and participating in Performing Arts from home?  Check out the Programs Page for all the information you need to make the best selection for your child. No matter what the future may bring, by registering for online classes, there is a positive source of fun and creativity to look forward to! Register for St. Albert Performing Arts Online Classes this Fall by using the contact information provided below.

St. Albert Performing Arts Online Classes:

Phone: 780-459-1585