The bakers and decorators at Duchess Bake Shop have done it again with a spectacular new gingerbread display for the 2021 holiday season! I was thrilled to see a sneak peak of the new Grinch themed Whoville Gingerbread Village on the Duchess Bake Shop Facebook page, and can’t wait to get to the bakery to check it out while I enjoy one of their festive treats!

The level of painstaking work and creativity that gets poured into these cookie based creations is astounding. I took the kids to see the Hogwarts castle a couple years ago and we all marveled at it’s impressive size and clean detail work. The display is 100% edible, made completely from gingerbread, sugar and candy!

Plus you can enter to win a chance to DESTROY the entire village after the holiday season! Just bring in a donation of new underwear, mittens or warm hats for the Bissel Centre to get your entry into this fun contest.

Whoville Gingerbread Village at Duchess Bake Shop:

When: Throughout the Holiday Season
Time: Wednesday–Saturday | 10am–5pm; Sunday | 10am–4pm
Where: Duchess Bake Shop on 124th Street
Address: 10718 124 Street, Edmonton
Website: www.duchessbakeshop.