Stay active, learn the game of tennis, meet new friends, and have tons of fun at the Atlantic Tennis Centre (ATC) this Fall.  The ATC Junior Lessons are designed for children and youth ages 5-16 and of all skill levels. Their experienced instructors will group the students based on both age and skill level with a student/coach ratio of 6:1 to ensure all kids get the most out of their experience.

The Atlantic Tennis Centre’s teaching strategy is established by Tennis Canada and other international methods to create a fun and active way of learning. The Junior players will be introduced to the game on smaller courts with softer balls and smaller racquets while the more experienced players will continue to build on the basic fundamentals of the game. At all age levels, the ATC Junior Lessons are fun-focused, at the same time building both camaraderie and confidence.

At ATC, players learn basic rally, serve and net play skills along with activities that build tennis-specific coordination. Each of their lessons include discounted matchplay opportunities and offers loads of fun.

Sobeys Atlantic Tennis Centre offers the following play opportunities on a weekly basis throughout the year. Consult their website for accurate times, pricing, and for information on how to register.

Atlantic Tennis Centre

Red Ball –  Ages 5-7
The kids use an oversized low-compression ball on a smaller court with smaller racquets. They will learn the fundamentals of tennis while improving coordination and physical literacy skills.

Orange Ball –  Ages 7-9
Kids play on a ¾ court size with a low-compression ball. They’ll learn how to serve, rally, volley and score. Improving fundamental skills, they will be able to rally deeper in the court and will learn to overhand serve from ¾ court.

Green Ball – Ages 9-11
Students will use a low-compression transition ball to rally using the full court. They will improve rally consistency from the baseline and learn to overhand serve.

Yellow Ball (Jr Rec) /Junior Comp- Ages 10-14
At this level, students will have progressed through Kids Tennis and will now play with a regular ball, rallying full court. They will focus on trying to be consistent while learning tactics that help improve overall play.

Junior Comp –  Ages 12-16
Invite only. Email for entry. This is for students who want to take their game to the next level and be introduced to entry level tournaments. At this stage, kids are able to rally with ease and competent tennis players.

Girls Tennis – Ages 5-9
A girl centred group designed to create a fun learning environment for girls. The students will use a Red or Orange ball depending on their age. This level will have the same description for kids tennis red/orange, found above.

Girls Advanced – Ages 9-12
A girl centred group designed to create a fun learning environment for girls. The students will use a green ball and learn to develop skills using the full court.

Girls Competitive – Ages 10 +
Invite only. Email For girls looking to compete in tournaments. Students must be able to rally with ease and competent tennis players.

Girls Teen Rec – Ages 12-16
A place for teen girls to play with peers and learn to play tennis regardless of skill (new or experienced). These students will use a green or regular ball.

Atlantic Tennis Centre Lessons

Where: Atlantic Tennis Centre
Address: 50 Verdi Drive, Bedford
Contact: 902.423.3682