Bouncy Castle Fun at Our Old-Fashioned Halifax Backyard Birthday Party

Jason Amyoony Halifax Nova Scotia photo by Helen Earley for Family Fun Halifax

Jason Amyoony/Photo: Helen Earley

When Jason Amyoony was at University at Saint Mary’s University, a family member asked him to help organize his little cousin’s birthday party. He bought a Mickey and Minnie costume set, the party went well, and Amyoony decided keep the costumes and rent them out. That was the beginning of HRM Mascots Entertainment.

4 years later, Amyoony has graduated with a B.Sc, Geology but he’s not digging rocks. Instead, he’s exploring  every corner of the city of Halifax, as he manages what, in my opinion, is the best mascot and events rental company in town.

Today, he arrives at my house, with only 2 days notice. The decision to rent a bouncy castle had been a last minute thing, but HRM Mascots replied promptly to my email enquiry, and before I knew it, I had signed on the dotted line.

HRM Mascots Entertainment Halifax Birthday Parties

The bouncy castle set up

He’s a one man show…or so it seems. It takes about 5 minutes to get the castle out of the van, 10 minutes to set up and about 30 seconds to inflate. This was actually thrilling for the kids. And I was thrilled too, to be honest. With a bumpy North End backyard that has  a big cherry tree, a hill and a long washing line, I wasn’t sure the castle would fit, but it did, perfectly! Best of all, a placard with rules was provided.

I ask Amyoony if he’d like to stay for glass of water but he has to go. “I have to pick up Ariel, ” he says .

HRM Mascots Entertainment Halifax Birthday Parties

Mascots galore!

Amyoony spends hours a day driving around HRM dropping off mascots like Spiderman, Elmo, Smurfs and princesses, plus bouncy castles, carnival games, laser tag and even human hamster balls to birthday parties like this ours.  And in fact, he’s not a one-man show, but the manager of over 20 amateur actors -95% of whom are university students – who strive to deliver one of the best local children’s entertainment services at any type of event.

So how did our party go?

Bouncy Castle in Halifax backyard HRM Mascots Entertainment Halifax Birthday Parties

Bouncy castle fun in Halifax/Photo by my awesome neighbour, Sarah

Well, we had planned an “old fashioned” backyard party, and that’s what we got. I didn’t go overboard on the food, just a few bags of chips, carrots and dip a case of water, some pop and a few beers for the grown-ups. My crafty 9-year daughter set up a face-painting station. We bought a cake from the superstore, and arranged a pile of Paw Patrol toys and Smarties on top. Easy peasy!

Homemade cake Paw Patrol

Our “professional” cake! The kids loved it.

We hardly saw the kids, except when they came up to the deck, sweaty and laughing, to grab a bottle of water. A couple of the parents took turns supervising the castle area. The rest of us sat and enjoyed our beer as planned, until it was time to light the candles (on the real cake, not the bouncy castle).

HRM Mascots Entertainment Halifax Birthday Parties

A couple of parents volunteered to man the castle, which is shaped liked a birthday cake!

At about 10 minutes after the scheduled end of the party, Amyoony returns. “I’m going to use my big boy voice, if that’s OK”, he jokes.

He calls out that the party was over, and allows the kids help sweep and deflate the bouncy castle – a great way to end the day.

HRM Mascots Entertainment Halifax Birthday Parties

Clean-up time!

If you’re looking for a fun, responsive, professional company to help you with the perfect birthday party, you’ve got one here. HRM Mascots supports Make-A-Wish foundation, IWK and Sunshine charity as well as several other local charities, groups, and schools.

Have you ever rented a bouncy castle for your kid’s at-home birthday party? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

HRM Mascots Entertainment Details:

Where: All over HRM
Phone: (902)441-8117

HRM Mascots Entertainment Halifax Birthday Parties

Disclosure: I received a discount on the bouncy castle, but HRM Mascots did not review or approve this content.

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