Make Memories – Give a Gift Experience this year!

Make Memories - Give a Gift Experience this year!

So how much ‘stuff’ does a person really need? More specifically, how much ‘stuff’ do kids really need? What I know, is that the more toys and things you have, the more time you will need to dedicate in your day to clean up those toys… or ask your kids to clean up… or organise… or fix… or store… the list goes on.

I am always delighted when relatives and friends give my kids gifts of experiences, adventures and memories. Not only because it’s one less thing for me to find a spot for, but because of the time and thought that went into picking the gift. I hope these gifts inspire my children to dedicate as much thought and love when choosing gifts for others. I also believe their ‘adventure gifts’ may teach them a new skill, allow them to learn a bit more about themselves and give them a sense of community that they wouldn’t get from the latest Paw Patrol toy.

I understand the wanting of the ‘Wow Factor’. When you have a ‘special someone’ on your gift list, you want a gift that is going to shine… one that will bring one of those smiles that light up a room! Nothing does that more than a gift that brings new adventures, new skills, new hobbies and memories that will last long after the holiday excitement is gone.

Here are a few gifts of experiences for Halifax and beyond:

For the Adventurer . . .

Do you find yourself answering ‘why’ 11 billion times a day? “Why is the sky blue? Why can’t I see my eyes? Why do you not like my whine but love your wine?” Yes, these are questions I get asked on a daily basis. How about a gift for my inquisitive souls? “Why, yes!”

Discovery Centre – You can be sure there is something for everyone at the Discovery Centre!

Nova Scotia Museums Annual Pass – Visit and re-visit as many of the 28 Nova Scotia Museum sites in the province!

For the Athlete . . .

You know those days when you run downstairs to grab the laundry and come back to find your kids using the bed as a trampoline and giving ‘flying elbows off the top rope’? All of a sudden, you remember the gift card the kids were given for that indoor playground or one of these other places that serve coffee and entertain the kids. Day, saved!

Get Air – No one will complain that they can’t get to sleep after an afternoon here! Gift cards available.

Putting Edge – Bring your golf game to the next level with glow in the dark mini putt!

Go-Carting – Kartbahn has gift cards that can be used for either go-carts or laser tag.

Ski Pass – Ski Martock season passes are discounted until December 24th, 2017!

For the Aspiring Artist . . .

This is the gift that can give twice! The kids are usually so proud of their work that they want to give their masterpiece to someone they love!

4 Cats – Calling all mini Picassos . . . give the gift of art with a day at 4 Cats studio!

Patch Halifax – If you have a ‘stuffie lover’ on the list – how about a class at Patch Halifax where you can draw your own creation and bring it to life by making your very own stuffie!


Theatre and Special Event Lovers . . . 

Neptune Theatre – Holiday ticket packages are now available. Make a special memory with your little aspiring actor!

Stars on Ice – Welcome our skaters home from the Olympics – their first stop is Halifax in April. Tickets and packages now on sale!

Peppa Pig – Oink, Oink! Our favourite pig family is coming to town in May. Tickets are now on sale!

For the Sports Fans . . . 

Halifax Mooseheads – Game tickets and packages available.

Halifax Hurricanes – Game tickets and packages available.

Sailing School – This will give them something to look forward to when they hang their skates up for the season. No boat required!

Some gifts are ‘things’, but things that inspire – they can encourage a new skill, new hobby or new interest . . . 

Sewing Machine

Gardening Kit


Musical Instrument

Santa with Camera

Finally, the best kind of gift to give or receive . . . the gift of time.

Aunt’s/Uncle’s Day Out – A friend of mine, gave her nieces and nephews a ‘Day to do Whatever You Want’ for each of their birthdays but this would be great for Christmas too. She started this tradition on their 1st birthday and it continued right up until they went to university. They have memories of spending hours playing Lego together, jumping on a trampoline until they felt sick, movies, lunches and lots and lots of junk food! They still talk about these days!

Family Date Night – If you want to up the ante on giving the ‘Gift of Experience’, how about a family date day, night or weekend? Be a tourist in your own town or go on a road trip. Do something that you have meant to do forever or take the kids to that playground that is their ‘very, very, favourite’ for the umpteenth time. Take pictures, make memories, laugh. . .  and as they say, “life is short – eat dessert first”!

Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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