Merry Time Music Co. focuses on developing the joy of music through creative lessons for children, adults and all ages in between. Born from the idea that music can create magic, its mission is to create an environment where students can gather to experience the delight of social music-making. 

From beginner to advanced, one-on-one to group, you have the ability to choose what type of lessons will work best for you and your child. Available for teens, tweens and children ages 4 years and up, Merry Time Music Co. offers a variety of lesson structures so your child can learn their best. This small team of teachers has over 35 years of teaching and performing experience and is dedicated to delivering high-quality instruction that will broaden your child’s understanding of music.Merry Time Music Co.Types of Lessons

There are many types of music makers out there. Some love learning in a group, while others enjoy a one-on-one experience. There are several types of lessons available for youth: Group Lessons, Private Lessons, Buddy Lessons, and Merry Time Fiddler Lessons (adults and kids), and a Children’s Choir.

Group Lessons are weekly supplemental lessons for kids participating in a string program at school. These classes are designed for beginners that are starting in their school orchestra programs or have had one year of playing experience. With five students per class you’re guaranteed to get a little one-on-one attention each week. You’ll play games, explore technique, learn basic music theory, and strengthen foundational skills such as posture so that your child can feel more confident in ensembles.

Do you homeschool your children? Don’t worry, there’s a beginner class from 1:00 – 1:45 for homeschool children to socialize and learn together. These group classes are filling up! Register by September 4th to secure your spot.

Children’s Choir offers a fun and encouraging environment for students to explore their unique voices, work together, and make lifelong friends. Students will learn a variety of songs from popular classics to little known ditties, explore the ins and outs of singing in a group, sing in harmony/rounds/unison, and strengthen their voice through a variety of musical activities. This weekly ensemble meets on Tuesdays from 5 – 6 and no experience is necessary to join!

Weekly Buddy Lessons  are 2-on-1 lessons that are a great way for students to learn and grow with a friend. Buddy lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long for all ages and levels. This lesson type is ideal for families that have children that are close in age or for two friends.

Private Lessons are taught one-on-one so your child has their teacher’s undivided attention. Lessons are offered for 30, 45, or 60 minutes and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, so your child can learn at their own pace.

Merry Time Fiddlers the only thing more fun than one fiddle fiddling? Two fiddles fiddling, of course! Merry Time Fiddlers is a fun and supportive youth fiddle group for teens and tweens that meets bi-weekly to jam and be merry. This group is ideal for students who already know a few fiddle tunes, and can’t wait to learn more. Fiddlers meet Tuesdays from 6 – 7 and the kids and adult groups alternate weeks.

Merry Time Music Co.Instruments

At Merry Time Music co. students can chose from fiddle/violin, piano, singing and ukulele lessons. No matter which instrument they gravitate towards, each child will spend time strengthening their inner rhythm, learning to read music and play by ear, and developing a diverse repertoire of music they love.

Find the 2022 September registration form here. This form can be used for multiple students and multiple instruments.

“Ella always looks forward to violin classes – it sounds like hyperbole but it isn’t! For three years she has ALWAYS looked forward to working with Emilie; I’ve never once heard her frame a teaching comment negatively. She is teaching our child more than just the technique involved in playing the violin.  I’ve watched Ella learn resilience and confidence through preparation, goal setting, autonomy in practice, respectful listening, how to take direction – the list goes on!”

Merry Time Fall Lessons

When: Now accepting applications for fall lessons
Where: 5558 Sullivan Street, Halifax
Phone: 902-440-7273