Is your living room often transformed into a stage where your child sings, dances and acts their little heart out? Neptune Theatre wants to help you harness your little actor’s love for performing. The Neptune Theatre School offers performing arts programs that will allow your child to learn new skills, build confidence, and discover their unique voice.

For 60 years, Neptune Theatre has been Atlantic Canada’s premier destination for live, professional theatre. Community-focused and innovative, they continue to seek new ways to create outstanding theatrical experiences that enlighten and bring joy.

The Neptune Theatre School offers theatre arts programs for all ages with a focus on cultivating the talents of young performers. Their process-based learning approach ensures that students focus on building the skills necessary for a successful career in the performing arts. With qualified instructors, (who also happen to be professional actors and leaders in Halifax’s artistic community), students will obtain the best theatre training in the city.

Neptune Theatre School Fall Lessons

Seasonal Classes:

Neptune Theatre School is now accepting applications for their fall classes! A full schedule of their Fall 2022 Classes will be posted on their website on July 13th, 2022.

Building creativity and growth for each individual student, Neptune Theatre School will tailor their programs to recognize your child’s strengths and meet their needs in a safe and supportive learning environment. Their weekend Seasonal Classes cater to youth ages 18 months to 18years. With an array of classes in Drama, Musical Theatre and Improv there is something for everyone.

Creating opportunities for students is at the forefront of Neptune Theatre School’s approach, encouraging those who complete the Seasonal Classes to later audition for their more advanced programs. This means, your child can continue to learn and grow and push themselves to achieve levels of success they have only imagined.

Neptune Theatre School

Address: 1593 Argyle Street
 902 429 3750
Facebook: @neptunetheatreschool
Instagram: @neptunetheatreschool