Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy is more than just a dance school it’s a place where kids learn to be great Irish dancers and also grow as people. They are currently accepting registration for their dance programs for 2024 which cater to all ages, genders, and abilities. These classes are perfect for anyone looking to explore the world of Irish Dance.

You do not need to be Irish to enjoy this style of dance. Irish Dancing has grown to be a highly technical sport which offers so many rewards in terms of personal growth, physical literacy and mental resilience. Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy offers some of the best Irish dance classes in Atlantic Canada. These classes are delivered in a top dance studio facility with exemplary coaching with years of experience dancing, competing, and teaching. With the proven ability to stretch each dancer to reach their full potential, coaches help students grow through focused attention, specific feedback, and dance steps suited to each dancer’s style.

Rising Tide Irish Dance

In addition to high-calibre coaching, Rising Tide’s dancers will have the opportunity to perform, compete, travel, and build life-long friendships. Dance classes are available for toddlers (as young as 2!), beginner kids, beginner adults and experienced Irish dancers of all ages.

Children’s & Competitive Beginner Programs

Tots (Ages 2-3): This program offers toddlers an exciting introduction to Irish dance. It’s designed to help them develop coordination, self-esteem, and social skills through music and dance. Parents or guardians are required to stay in the building during classes.

Beginner 1 (Ages 4-7): Children learn the basics of Irish dance technique and musicality in a fun, engaging environment. They will practice soft shoe dances like reel, light jig, and slip jig, as well as introductory ceili dancing.

Advanced Beginner: This class is for beginners aged eight and older and young dancers with some Irish dance experience. It builds on basic techniques and introduces more complex steps, including team and hard shoe dances.

Rising Tide Irish Dance
Irish dance isn’t just about dancing. It also teaches important things for life. Dancers learn how to set goals, work in teams, deal with hard times, listen and give feedback, be honest, take responsibility, and feel confident and kind. Rising Tide loves to see dancers learn and grow from every dance class and experience. It’s a place where dancers don’t just learn steps, but also learn how to be their best selves.

Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy

Date: Registration now open
Address: Unit 3 & 4, 325 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford
Phone: 902-440-6894
Email: info@risingtideacademy.ca
Website: www.risingtideacademy.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/risingtideacademy