The Science of Rock n Roll at The New Discovery Centre photo by Helen Earley

Rocking out on the drums is so much fun – but it’s not just for the kids!/Photo: Helen Earley

I have fuzzy recollections of one highly embarrassing Christmas office party about 5 years ago, where I had a few too many sherries and monopolized the host’s  basement drum kit. In my stupor, I was totally convinced that I was a rock star. I seem to remember that it took some cajoling to get me off the “stage”. In fact, after my “performance”, I think I may politely have been asked to leave.

But I clearly remember being on those drums. Oh, the glory!

The Science of Rock n Roll at The New Discovery Centre is your chance to ROCK out, just like I did on that ill-fated Christmas night. The only difference will be that you will be sober, no one will ask you to leave – and you will definitely learn something about the science of music.

As you enter the Wilson Gallery, Decades of Rock showcases the history and evolution of rock from the 1950s to the present day using artifacts, photos and informational panels. Next, remember LPs and cassette tapes? The History of Music Formats goes back even further, describing how music has been captured over the last 140 years.

In the Mixing Rock part of the exhibit, you get to be the recording engineer, re-mixing David Bowie’s Space Oddity to make your own unique sound. Ground Control to Major Tom…. Sing along if you know it. What a tribute! Bowie would be proud.

The Tools of Rock is definitely the family favourite. Get your hands on the guitars, bass guitars and drum kits. There are two kits, so if there’s no queue,  you could honestly just bang away at those drums forever. Just like me at the Christmas party.

Even if you’re not a rocker, I’ll bet you have at least one family member who likes to play Guitar Hero – or maybe the air guitar? Many families will have an embarrassing Rolling Stone-loving uncle or a Chrissie Hynde-obsessed grandma. In our family, we’ve got Daddy, stuck back in the New Romantic 80’s – completely obsessed with synthesizers. Whoever it is, bring them along. The Science of Rock n Roll definitely has something for everyone, and it’s definitely an all-ages gig.

When should you go? Anytime you want to. The Discovery Centre is built inside an empty power station. It has 40,000 square feet of space, 6,000 of which are dedicated to the featured exhibit. Even though it’s new, there’s plenty of room for everyone. But just so you know, admission is FREE on Wednesday nights from 5:00- 8:00 pm.

Just one more thing, Moms and Dads. The Discovery Centre is about 10 minutes’ walk from some gorgeous waterfront pubs and restaurants, and only stone’s throw from the Garrison Brewery. You could actually leave the kids at home, grab a meal and a beer (just one, mind you!) and hit The Discovery Centre for a super-fun date-night.

Go on. Forgetting about the kids for a few hours is actually very Rock n Roll!

The Science of Rock n Roll runs until April 24th.

The Science of Rock n Roll at The New Discovery Centre

When: Now until April 24th 2017
Where: Discovery Centre, 1215 Lower Water Street, Halifax
Website:  Discovery Centre Featured Exhibit
Science of Rock n Roll Website: Science of Rock n Roll