The journey of Theodore Too to find his home at Murphy’s Cable Wharf is a story worthy of Theodore Tugboat’s adventures. The creator of Theodore Tugboat, Andrew Cochran, came up with his brilliant idea one afternoon while walking along the harbourfront, he saw two tugboats and a container ship positioned so they appeared to be having a conversation. This prompted him to tell his son bedtime stories of the possible adventures and conversations the tugs might have in the harbour.

These bedtime stories soon became the basis for a children’s television show on the CBC network. As the show grew in popularity, so did the requests for more Theodore. This lead to the development of Theodore merchandise and eventually the creation of a life-sized replica of the friendly tug. Theodore Too, the life-sized tug, spent much of his time touring the Eastern Seaboard visiting friends and fans.  Theodore loved to visit his fans but began to long for Halifax and a permanent home. At first it seemed that no one would be able to care for Theodore Too, and he began to worry that he would never have a home.

When Murphy’s Cable Wharf heard about Theodore’s troubles, they stepped in. With the help of their friends and sponsors, they offered him a home and a job with their company. Theodore Too was delighted. Not only did he have a new home, but he could continue to do what he loved; to show people how beautiful his harbour is and help out his friends.


Theodore The Tugboat Contact Info:


Address: 1751 Lower Water Street, Halifax

Phone: (902) 492-TUGS