Fur Baby Fun – Family Friendly Events that Include Our Furry Friends – Christmas Edition!


You don’t have to leave your pets at home this time… get the whole family together for some Fur Baby Fun! All pet lovers know that, as great as it is to enjoy family events together, it always seems like a little something is missing without your furry companion by your family’s side. Guess what? We’ve found ‘Family-Friendly Christmas Events for the Whole Clan’… including your fur baby!

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Christmas Events 2019

U-Pick TreesU-Pick Christmas Trees

いつ: Most places open the last weekend in November
どこ: HRM and beyond

Lots of U-pick tree farms allow you to bring your furry friend along, making this a truly memorable Christmas tradition for the whole family!

SPCA Santa Pix

SPCA Santa Pix

いつ: November 17th – December 22nd, 2019
どこ: HRMのさまざまな場所
フェイスブック: https://www.facebook.com/pg/nsspca.pas

Santa Paws is coming to town! Get your pet’s picture taken with the jolly ol’ elf. He will be visiting locations throughout Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford.


いつ:11月30th – 12月8th、2019
ウェブサイト: https://downtownhalifax.ca/halifaxlights

The Halifax Lights Festival features many great family events, including photos with Santa on December 1st with all pets welcome!


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